Billions could be saved by the global automotive industry by monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ICE vehicles, by monitoring energy consumption patterns from hybrids/EVs and through conscious improvement of driving habits. Innovative solutions in these areas could be leveraged across various sectors of the society to reinforce a greener road transport sector.

WTM has developed a solution that helps support various stake holders involved in the emission reduction business, with an innovative and inexpensive way of tackling the emission reductions, across all the types of cars. For ICE/hybrids, instantaneous real-time measurement or a standard estimation of the data related to emissions could be integrated with other eco-driving parameters captured through the vehicle and get aesthetically displayed to the driver to provide him feedback about his driving behavior.

In case of an electric mode in hybrids or electric vehicles, the battery could be captured and displayed along with the driving pattern on the instrument cluster. All this would guide the driver to improve his driving, with a reference provided by the eco-index.

Therefore, this would not only help in improving fuel efficiency and optimizing the energy consumption from batteries, but would also serve as extremely valuable data for various stakeholders to reinforce their commitment to emission reductions. This information hence could be transmitted through a Telematics gateway to a server, which could provide driving inputs to the owners: consumers and fleet owners, emission trading opportunities to the OEMs, voluntary-based business opportunities to the insurance companies and various automotive dealerships and service stations, and finally implementation of regulations to various governments and authorities.