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WTM HRM software covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement.
WTM HRM Software can streamline all your HR processes by keeping track of employee's attendance, leave, travel, transfers, reimbursements, payroll, benefits, compensation, training, performance reviews, talent management, 360 degree feedback, competency management and much more on a single platform called WTM HRM. An HRM Software that helps eliminate paper work more than 90% & also a best in its breed performance management system is one of the compelling reasons for our clients to click with us. WTM HRM Solution makes it very transparent for employees all along & gives HR / Admin to focus on their core productive areas.

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Increased productivity - With extensive reporting and analytical tools at hand, managers can now make their decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information available anytime, anywhere.
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