Implementing the Bankable Future
Government agencies requires improving and developing their information technology landscapes.This is seen as a step to increase connectivity to the masses, simplify management of state/local resources and facilitate transparency.According to a general survey held in 2009, governments have cost effectiveness, quality and productivity enhancement as a primary objective.

Due to financial crisis, there is great pressure to reduce cost of IT operations. Governments are hence looking at consolidation, virtualization, shared services, use of non-proprietary solutions and other cost-cutting actions to achieve this.

This segment involve following categories like:

  • Federal government
  • State/Local government
  • Regulatory/Administrative agencies
  • International agencies

The segment also includes government specific functional areas which have been identified as the cornerstones of the improvement agenda.

Key Points

WTM's flexible and robust delivery models will assist government agencies with budget reductions managed by government leaders. This will help in achieving operational efficiencies within the present budget allocations without cutting corners at quality and functionality.

Increased monitoring and decision making intelligence, customer centricity, business process management is some of the focus areas for the government. Partnering with WTM will provide access to our rich experiences with a varied clientele in these focus areas.

We believe that through our project management skill and extensive technology capabilities, WTM will be able to steer critical, economic advancement driven IT applications.