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In an overall recessionary economy, the demand for purchasing new cars is likely to become suppressed and the lead time from initial interest to real sale would be longer. In this type of situation, organizations need to work on improving their Lead to Conversion ratio very intrusively.This would push companies to work on both the quantity and the quality of leads in the pipeline and also empower the sales force with available, relevant and updated information, so that speed of response against customer queries is satisfactory.

Managing the interest and profitability levels of dealerships would be one of the most important areas of OEM thrust to assure that the dealership owners stay interested in this business venture. Another area of focus is expected to be customer retention. As marketing & sales budgets are likely to stay under pressure in the short to medium term, automotive OEMs would be constrained to go all out in order to find new customers.In consequence of that understanding and acting on insights from existing customers and holding them back with new car sales, more service and accessory based engagements, used car vehicle transactions and many more will increase sothat there is a rise in revenue share per customer.

How can WTM Help?

WTM's Automotive Group enables you to fulfill the upcoming challenges in the After Sales segment by bringing its in-depth understanding of the Automotive After Sales domain and rich technological expertise. We have extremely good proficiency in the areas of dealer management systems and warranty. We have executed multiple projects in the dealer management system including development of a comprehensive custom built dealer management system based application.