Product development teams of automotive organizations are facing extensive challenges to decrease development cost,increase margins and decrease time-to-market for new products. They are increasingly accepting the Global Product Development Strategy to cope up with the new changes by shifting a significant part of work to emerging markets.

There are two main drivers behind this strategy:

  • A lot future sales is likely to happen in these economies, thus it makes sense to have a "local" element developed into engineering work from a relevance perspective
  • Large number of engineering talent also justifies getting the work done in the R&D center of these countries. However, futuristic R&D work is & will likely to continue in the developed markets
The shift towards global presence is coupled with a rise in OEM demand for modular assemblies, compliance with safety and emission regulations,and a huge thrust on development of alternative fuel & electrically operated vehicles.

How can WTM Help?

WTM has a large number of services in the Automotive Product Development & Engineering segment with competencies across Mechanical Engineering Design, Embedded Electronics Design cum Integration & Enterprise IT services.

In the enterprise segment we have worked immensively in the custom applications development space of vehicle testing.