As a result of growing competition and rapid introduction of new vehicles, the customer is benefitted with increased vehicles options to choose from. In order to fulfill customer choices and preferences, automotive organizations are following a Build to Order approach to ensure that the customer gets their preferred vehicle configuration.

But this is posing a new set of challenges in terms of relatively longer lead time and complex configuration management. In case a customer is not able to get the required vehicle configuration in time, then he may switch to a competitor product which is an immediate revenue loss for the OEMs.To resolve this challenge, OEMs need to follow a hybrid model which enables customers to configure their vehicles and also get them delivered with shorter lead time.

WTM offers Agile Vehicle Re-sequencing solution which enables visibility of vehicles on the assembly line and lets the planner decide which forecasted order can be swapped with a confirmed order. A decision matrix containing multiple parameters evaluates which vehicle can be swapped with the customer order to ensure quicker delivery and least disruption to the assembly line.

Benefits of Agile Vehicle Resequencing

It enables organizations to make changes in the production schedule to meet Build to Order requirements with a shorter lead time.