Wealth & Asset Management

Allowed by technology and information services, any financial trading firm is fueled by market data streamed by-the-second algorithms that strike optimal trades on the basis of this live feed. Market data usually forms a major component of IT spends for a financial services organization. Globally, financial services organizations currently spend over USD 25 billion on market data services every year.

With capital-intensive investments and consequences that are far-reaching, financial organizations require to be proactive about their market data contract management, business insight reporting, invoice reconciliation and spend analysis. Common grievances in the industry include low customer satisfaction and decreasing customer loyalties due to

Against this backdrop, ever evolving requirements are dictating transformations across the asset management industry, such as a need for real-time risk management, including computation of enterprise wide risk and risk aggregation; the need for compliance with regulatory reporting; and the need to leverage big data analytics and real-time analytics.

Within the wealth management sector, wealth management professionals are facing unprecedented challenges in sustaining client's confidence, with clients demanding highly customized services and better returns on investment. Industry players are expected to improve advisor effectiveness and leverage ever-changing technological trends to improve client experience and mobility. Amidst all of this, industry players are trying to restrain escalating operating expenses while improving productivity to ensure leaner and more efficient operations.

These developments are forcing wealth and asset managers to seek answers to:

  • How to spend on "Change the Bank" amid rising "Run-the-Bank" costs?
  • How to know the risk at "Enterprise level"?
  • How to focus on the core business and partner with third-party providers for the non-core activities?
  • How to reduce time to market for cutting edge technologies; how to integrate new clients in the shortest possible time?
  • How to port technology to emerging markets; how to run global programs and global talent pools?
WTM has developed expertise and strong credentials in delivering value to clients in the asset and wealth management industry. Its innovative solutions and demonstrated transformation capabilities position WTM as a strategic partner of choice for industry clients helping them do business better.

WTM's key offerings to the Wealth & Asset Management industry involve:
  • Real Time Risk Management
  • Real Time Surveillance
  • Pre & Post Trade Compliance
  • Post Trade Operations
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Mobility