Market Data Solutions

Allowed by technology and information services, any financial trading firm is fueled by market data streamed by-the-second algorithms that strike optimal trades on the basis of this live feed. Market data usually forms a major component of IT spends for a financial services organization. Globally, financial services organizations currently spend over USD 25 billion on market data services every year.

With capital-intensive investments and consequences that are far-reaching, financial organizations require to be proactive about their market data contract management, business insight reporting, invoice reconciliation and spend analysis. Common grievances in the industry include low customer satisfaction and decreasing customer loyalties due to

  • Ever escalating costs of managing market data,
  • The existence of an oligopoly amidst the market data vendor space,
  • Improving budgetary constraints and
  • Lack customer administration,
Other than this, newer markets and emerging electronic trading venues are adding deeper complexities to the industry.

The implications are manifold. Lack of innovation in the core vendor space is allowing for expansion of many smaller players in niche content and services. Ineffective contract/entitlement administration is resulting in incurring additional expenses of manual intervention. With growing requirements for knowledge and better customer service around the market data services, there is higher uncertainty and a growing need to bridge the gap through building internal support. Within the industry, cost redundancy needs to be addressed as well as the lack of best practices and a single source of truth and expense.

WTM's Market Data Solutions provides investment information solutions and services, with intelligent expertise in analytics, innovative solutions, big data and mobile. WTM provides WTM-labeled and white-label end-to-end solutions spanning a spectrum of processes from conceptualization, implementation and hosting, to maintenance and support, along with industry consulting services to both providers and consumers of market data. WTM also has a dedicated market data advisory practice which can help customers evaluate products, less costs, and implement innovative or customized market data solutions that allow WTM's customers to do business better.