Testing and Independent Validation Services has evolved significantly over the last decade. From being just another phase in the software development lifecycle, it has evolved into an independent service. A number of factors have contributed to influencing this evolution:

  • IT systems are becoming increasingly mission-critical with more and more customer facing systems getting digitized and legacy migration programs taking off.
  • Increasing complexity due to multiple-point and multi-vendor systems integration.
  • Consumerization of IT is leading to increased focus on content delivery channels and associated feature requirements in the backbone IT system.

Addressing these trends needs a comprehensive enterprise-wide QA and testing strategy, methodology, tools, and a dedicated organization of test professionals.

However, growing adoption of DevOps and agile is driving the requirement for more collaborative testing in the enterprise. Testing should maintain independence from the development process to ensure clear separation of concerns. A mature and professional approach is needed to reconcile these seemingly conflicting expectations.

How we deliver value?
Independent Validation Services (IVS) plays an important role in building and running the enterprise in the following value tiers:

  • QA and test consulting- Provides comprehensive consulting services to customers for building and setting up global testing centers of excellence.
  • Core testing services- Provides core testing services to address various areas of a typical IT functional architecture namely a services layer, UI layer, data layer, etc.
  • Enhancing enterprise business value - Displays proven methodologies and frameworks that link testing deliverables and outputs with higher-order enterprise business values that in turn influence critical IT metrics that are of value to the business.
  • Go-live advisory - Provides comprehensive insights into the programs progress towards go-live milestone by performing analytics on critical project and defect data, and providing multi-view and multi-dimensional dashboards.
  • Continuous improvement - Provides focused innovation using QA products, platforms and services to deliver improved business value.