Transmission & Distribution Solutions

The Transmission & Distribution sector today is focusing on the urgency of maintaining current assets and expanding infrastructure to accommodate demand growth in the geographies they serve. T&D utilities across the world are seeing a definite trend towards data-driven business cases for investment. Underlying this change is the need for accurate data around the asset, its location, performance and condition. From an operations and network management perspective, this brings in new demands across safety, policy and regulatory dimensions.

Adding to the already challenging landscape are imperatives such as:
  • The opportunity to better leverage asset and work data to improve decision making
  • Improving billing solutions to meet the needs of today and the future when initiatives such as demand-side management and micro generation go mainstream
  • Enhancing communication with stake holders across the value-chain such as generators and end-users
  • Integrating non-IT based devices with emerging technologies

WTM's pool of experienced domain and technology consultants are helping global leaders in Transmission & Distribution by leveraging the data to achieve better network performance, asset management, safety and reliability, manpower efficiency and end customer billing.

Transmission & Distribution Capabilities, Solutions & Services

Enterprise Work and Asset Management: Platform based solutions for the water, gas and electricity Transmission & Distribution business, driving process and system standardization and delivering scalability to support future growth.

Asset Data Quality Improvement: Best practice processes complemented by an asset data rules library that validates and identifies potential issues in the asset data, drives accuracy in spatial data, identifies inappropriate and inadequate data control check points, the duplication of data among systems and business functions and more.

Framework for Energy Audit and Loss Reduction: Solution framework to conduct energy audits from the company to distribution transformer levels and calculate technical and commercial energy loss at any level.

Network Monitoring and Control Solutions: Services for integration and managed services, Distribution Management and Energy management solutions accepting single point accountability and risks governed by an outcome based agreement while delivering value to customers.

Managed Service: Managed service solution framework .

IS Integration for Utility M&A: Solution framework for integration strategies after M&A in utilities.

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