Smart Grid Solutions

WTM's Smart Grid practice leverages our deep experience in delivering Utility solutions to generate offerings that are of value to our customers. Knowing what is critical for a retailer as compared to what is important for a distribution company or an integrated utility allows us to build relevant and effective solutions.

Given the varied pace in roll outs across geographies and the maturity of regulatory mechanisms, our service stack is designed to address the goals of the utility while keeping in mind each stage of their Smart Grid technology.

Globally we have identified some areas where we deliver the greatest value to our customers. These are:
  • Monitoring Smart: Ironing out the problems in a major rollout and tying up loose ends is a must for a utility embarking on a Smart Metering or Smart Grid initiative. Awareness and control of the new system and management of its performance takes a structured approach in order to ensure that the investment can deliver the objectives it is meant to.
  • Unlocking the Future: With the foundation in place for many utilities, it is now time to unlock the value promised by Smart Metering and Smart Grids. Here is where we focus our best experience with utilities across the globe, to deliver the solutions that are transformational in nature for the utility's business.
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