Health, Safety, Security & Environment Solutions

Increased standards of employee health and safety as well as increased environmental accountability have become non-negotiable imperatives for Utilities. In process industries such as Utilities that depend on their workforce, employee health and safety has a direct impact on productivity as well as brand reputation. Today's skills shortage, spiraling labor costs and growing regulations demand that HSSE be addressed as a top priority. HSSE measures are also becoming core to customer satisfaction with its ability to adhere to legislation, regulatory and maintainability requirements.

WTM helps design, implement, support and evaluate strategies to report and reduce the impact of Utilities on the environment and to safeguard employee health. WTM is the trusted strategic consulting and IT partner for global Utility companies, providing advice and integrated solutions to help customers meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements and achieve their maintainability goals. Our proven expertise in reducing carbon footprint and hazardous emissions, bettering water management and recycling and improving waste management has helped partners worldwide minimize workplace injury and reduce risks to employees, visitors, proximate communities and the environment.

WTM's proactive approach to HSSE has resulted in continuous improvement in systems and processes that address resource management, emission norms, and employee health and safety issues. Using Information Technology, we have developed and deployed Greenhouse Gas,emission reduction programs, maintainability automation and reporting and alternative energy management. Accurate data on employees, standardized health management processes and incident management have helped our customers reduce exposure to corporate, operational and legal risk. WTM's template driven tools and industry best practices help manage HSSE in a cost effective and responsible manner.

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