WTM CEM Solution

Telecommunication services form the foundation of our connected lives in the digital era. Today, telecommunication operators have graduated from providing basic voice and telephony services to offering a host of entertainment and other value added services. While these new digital services offer tremendous promise for the industry, they are also accompanied by wide range of technical and process issues that can compromise the customer's service experience, including:

  • Network strainThe popularity of high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming is stretching network capacity to the max, compromising the end-user experience.
  • Solution complexityThe new world of digital services spans multiple business departments and technology platforms pushing operators out of their comfort zone.
  • Rising customer expectationsAs telcos venture into the value-added services arena, customers will expect the seamless customer service experience they have become accustomed to in industries such as Retail and Financial Services.

Most operators have incorporated customer centricity as a key pillar of their business strategy. However, value realization from customer centricity is a complex issue and requires a careful examination of the customer experience strategy.

WTM Customer Experience Management approach

Customer experience is a key to enhance the market position of telecom operators amongst their customer base. However, there is tremendous hype and rampant confusion on the subject. WTM has developed an end-to-end approach to enhance customer experience with a structured framework. Our approach includes three key phases:

  • DefineA multi-dimensional definition which takes into account the various aspects of customer experience from network to customer care. This all-encompassing definition enables operators to conduct a holistic assessment of the current state of customer experience.
  • MeasureMany different measures like Net Promoter Score, results of external surveys, touch-point surveys and feedback from the Web and social media are used to gauge customer perception about a telecom operator. WTM has operational experience to administer and refine such surveys. Additionally, our solutions for text and speech analytics enables operators to glean voice of the customer insights from customer interaction records.
  • ImproveA key to realizing value from customer experience is to prioritize those initiatives which will deliver the greatest positive impact to customer indices. Our process-driven evaluation framework helps prioritize various customer experience initiatives.
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