As we know that today's media industry has a wide variation in product requirements. Recently, the industry has witnessed a renovation of its delivery medium for content creation. In support of the latest requirements, we have developed the WTM XML First platform. The platform helps media companies create content and advertisement products with an XML-based content authoring and media solution. The solution is time efficient as well as cost effective. The XML First platform emphasizes the use of XML-based authoring and content development. This results in a lower cost of production and a significant reduction in time-to-market.

How WTM helps?

The "XML First" is presented as a package with a W3C compliant workflow engine. The engine enables an expert instrumentation of workflow tasks, dynamic alignment and deployment of workflows. In addition, successful implementation of the platform has not only aided cost effectiveness and time efficiency, but has also facilitated the development of superior media products.

Business Benefits
  • Hosted platform on XML First authoring
  • Increase content monetization
  • Improve rights utilization and maximize revenue
  • Reduce cost of authoring and production
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