Content generation and delivery has undergone radical changes in the digital world.Run through macro-economic market forces, media companies must expand their consumer base at the same time that they must reduce the cost of advertising sales.

Media companies are facing a range of pressures. With advertising revenue on the decline, they are aggressively trying to cut customer acquisition, ad creation and ad inventorying costs. At the same time, they want a faster concept to ad production.

WTM has a proven track record resolving problems and providing solutions in the advertising world. With several projects spanning across the advertising lifecycle from sales to media planning to creative to delivery; we have focused on the advertising segment.

WTM's advertising solution helps Media conglomerates provide an integrated sales experience to their customers by addressing inventory across multiple channels and properties. It helps media customers increase sales efficiency and reduce residual inventory. It also provides the capability to make bundled offers across various inventory types.

The benefits of WTM's advertisement solution:
  • The ability to optimize inventory utilization across multiple properties and channels
  • A reduction in the cost of ad creation by thanks to a combination of off-shoring and templatization in ad platforms
  • An improvement in customer conversion velocity by maximum as the customer sees what he gets and signs up on line; there is no creation and proofing delays
  • An increase in customer satisfaction and generation of repeat business services from just fulfillment to creation services
  • ZERO cost of investment thanks to a complete transaction based pricing model that calls for no upfront customer investment
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