The development of digital delivery channels for content distribution and consumption has been a mixed blessing for the film and music entertainment industry. On the one hand, it has had a very negative and direct impact on traditional revenue streams such as CD and DVD sales. But on the other hand, it is creating a universe of new business opportunities for those that have embraced the change. In this environment, market participants must take advantage of new channels such as social computing, smart devices and Internet technologies to transform their business for success.

New business models across home entertainment, online music and video retailing constitute a growing share of the global entertainment business. WTM helps streamline your business processes and solutions to tap into this opportunity.

We help our film and music entertainment clients to stay focused on managing the creative aspects of their business while providing greater transparency in the way rights and royalties, multi-channel and multi-platform management channels are managed.

WTM also helps our clients to reduce the negative consequences of content piracy by securing digital media and leveraging the right set of services to overcome these threats. Finally, we help our clients transform their business to capture fully new business opportunities such as direct-to-consumer, on-demand and content on the go.

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