In earlier decades, the operating model of participants in the broadcast industry has experienced tremendously upheaval. Today, innovation rules and intense competition is the norm. The latest operating model shift is an acute requirement to consistently serve customers across multiple platforms.

Now a days , the challenges facing broadcast companies include ever increasing levels of competition and regulatory mandates such as the transition from analog to digital formats. Whether through television or radio, broadcasters now concentrate on generating viewer loyalty and improving ratings by delivering new productions at a fast pace. Broadcasters now must create fresh ideas and services outside the traditional broadcasting model.

The popularity of new media platforms is on the rise and broadcasters are striving hard to provide differentiated services across numerous distribution channels. At the same time, they also must reduce operational costs and increase revenues.

WTM's expertise

With years of experience working with leading broadcast companies and an integrated solutions portfolio and partner ecosystem; WTM provides its clients with innovative ideas to transform the broadcast value chain.

WTM provides the following solutions to broadcasters:
  • Enablement of digital file based workflows
  • Implementation of systems based on cross-industry standards
  • Tracking of media rights and intelligent audience analytics
  • Deployment of solutions that enhance the value of assets in a multi-platform environment
  • Management of airline,customers and partners across the value chain
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