Mobility Solution For Deck Crew Delivering information in real-time for enhancing efficiency and enabling unlimited possibilities

The airline deck crew is a perfect ambassador for displaying the high-quality standards of the brand. A mobile solution will save precious time of this high-cost resource so that they do not spend time taking up desk-bound activities such as accessing operational and administrative applications, documentation and information. In addition, the remote workforce can be kept highly motivated through a comprehensive, one-stop solution that manages all aspects of the crew lifecycle right from hire to retire.

WTM's Mobility Solution for Deck Crew Benefits

WTM's Mobility Solution for Deck Crew is built around enabling easy access to information, communication, and applications that include:

Crew Roster: The deck crew can check their roster and acknowledge any last minute changes. This displays all the necessary details, including flight details, training, memo, block hours, crew compliment, hotel information, crew-on-board etc. A calendar view is provided on which the duty schedule for each day is marked. Details can be viewed for any selected flight in the roster. The roster is downloaded onto the device and made available in offline mode to enable the crew to check it even in the absence of an internet connection.

Crew Information: The application provides information on expiry dates of important documents, like passports, residence permits, etc of the logged-in user. They can also get important information about the flight, like the arrival and the departure station, air-craft information, schedule changes, bay information, crew configuration (deck/cabin/deadheading crew)on board, etc.

Check-in: Deck crew can save on time by checking in directly from the application rather than having to visit a counter. A reducing timer tells the pilots how much time is left before the check-in operation must be completed.d Prior to check-in, validations on mandatory travel documentation and qualifications expiry are carried out and acknowledgements of duty roster changes/ check-in messages has to be done in the application. The application proactively alerts the crew as soon as they enter the permissible geographical coordinates of the check-in area so that they can proceed with the check-in operation on the device.

Document Delivery and Briefing Pack: The crew can download and access documents, such as the aircraft operation manual and the briefing pack containing weather reports, route information, maps, charts, etc, hours before the flight departure. Aircraft and flight-related documents when published would be immediately made available to the deck crew as soon as the crew logs into the application. Downloaded manuals are filed based on the aircraft type for easy reference. Access is restricted to ensure that crew only download manuals of aircrafts that they are certified to fly. The crew can view, annotate, highlight and search based on the text and save back the changes. The application checks for the latest version of the Briefing Pack(Flight Plan) as the flight departure time approaches.

Two-way Communications: The crew can be reached out to and messages can be exchanged via the application. Messages can be sent either in a way that mandates by the crew or in the form of a simple information that need not be acknowledged.

Mobility Solution For Deck Crew Business Benefits :

Lower Cost of Operations: An Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)will help in the reduction of the weight of the pilot bag and will help in direct reduction in the operations cost due to lower fuel consumption. Accurate take-off and landing due to availability of maps and charts also contribute to this.

Higher Efficiency: The availability of the latest information, including the briefing pack and manuals in electronic format from anywhere in the world along with the ability to utilize them in an offline mode and the possibility to check-in via the application allow the deck crew to operate at higher productivity.

Integration with the Crew Control Centre: The application integrates with the Control Centre in order to send and receive up-to-date information. This provides an overall view of operations from the control centre and allows coordination and allows coordination of any last minute updates from the control centre to the deck crew.

A mobility based solution for the flight deck crew, where all information is current and up-to-date on a real-time basis is a quantum leap in a field where pilots normally rely on heavy paperwork. The shift from paper to tablet will open infinite possibilities to ensure that the deck crew is efficient, safe, motivated and utilized in the best way that meets the airlines' goals.

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