Mobility Solution for Cabin Crew Empowering cabin crew with real-time and relevant information for service excellence

Customer Service is a very important element of any airline brand as cabin crew form a substantial portion of the customer-facing workforce. In an era where passengers are placing a higher emphasis on in-flight service, enabling and empowering the crew with essential on-board information helps in improving customer service, achieving excellence and positively impacting a repeat business.

WTM's Mobility Solution for Cabin Crew Benefits

WTM's global experience in implementing mobility solutions across industries ensures that airlines have access to a wide variety of tried, tested and dependable technologies. Our Cabin Crew Mobility Solution has features such as:

Pre-flight briefing Assistance:At the time of pre-flight briefing, all details such as services to be provided in each cabin class, facilities on board, station information, hotel information, and weather details are available on the iPad so that the briefing can be carried out effectively. The booking summary, along with details of passengers, crew, special service requests, and flight information can also be viewed on the device.

Seat Map: The seat map of the flight, along with details of each passenger seated can be viewed. This information enables the crew to attend to each passenger differently based on various parameters, such as tier status, special services requested, VIP status, etc. High value passengers can be identified and the crew can provide personalized service to each passengers.

Manuals: Manuals and other reference material, like catering videos or service guides can be made available on the iPad for the crew to refer on-board. Videos can also be used to effectively explain the facilities available on board to any passenger that requires more information (for example, a first-time business class traveller who wishes to understand how to operate the seat or IFE Console).

Mobility Solution for Cabin Crew - Benefits

Differentiated Service: One of the hallmarks of a 5-star service is that the staff is intuitive, engaging, passionate, and eagerly goes beyond expectations. Within a cabin class, the crew can identify high-value customers based on their loyalty program tier status and provide differentiated service to them. This includes gestures like recognition, addressing them by name or providing them their meal of choice without them having to ask for it.

Improvement in Productivity: With an iPad, the crew requires less time for pre-flight briefing. Also, with information at their fingertips, they are more efficient in the cabin, be it in delivering special service request meals or providing information to passengers.

Instant Feedback: Any complaints or compliments can be recorded directly on the device for update and actions as soon as the aircraft lands and connectivity is obtained. Voyage reports can be filed directly in the application and photographs can be attached to complaints to provide a better picture to the resolving agency.

Better quality and consistent cabin service remains a hallmark of any airline. It symbolizes the brand and identifies with the country the airline represents. Being able to identify passengers by name, knowing their preferences without them having to ask goes a long way in providing the 5-star experience that brings customers back to the airline again and again.

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