Group Booking

WTM has a group booking solution.It offers automation for group ticketing processes from availability, quote management to penalty and agency management.

Drawbacks of a manual booking process
  • Manual group booking process is costly, prone to errors with low process efficiency
  • Manual tracking of quotes and resulting in opportunity Loss/high abandon rate
  • Slippages in applying and collecting penalties resulting in revenue losses
  • Inability to Cross-Sell / Up-sell resulting in an opportunity loss
  • Manual / Absence of Agency's performance measurement

Group Booking Complete Group Booking System

WTM Group Booking Benefits
  • Management of Group booking dates, timelines, penalties, creditworthiness and past performances
  • Work flow to allow revenue management and Group Sales improving productivity and revenues
  • Offers self service by end agents, freeing up productive time
  • Cross selling and up-selling
  • Synchronization of systems
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