WTM GateMAX Gate Assignment Solution

The main purpose of flight-to-gate assignments is to assign aircraft to suitable gates so that passengers can conveniently embark and disembark.The distance a passenger has to walk in any airport to reach various key areas, including departure gates, baggage claim and connecting flights provide an important performance measure of the efficiency of any airport. The ground handling agents and airlines, together with airport authorities, dynamically assign airport gates to scheduled flights so as to reduce walking distances, while consequently reducing connection times.

Many airline authorities use 'manual' assignment of gates to flights which is an intensive effort.The cost associated with the placement of an aircraft at a gate depends on the distances from key facilities as well as the relations between these facilities. Thus, an automated process which provides a feasible and optimal solution to gate assignment is of paramount importance.

WTM GateMAX Features
  • There are two types of the solution. One built specifically for smaller airlines and another comprehensive solution addresses the needs of Large and medium sized network carriers.
  • GateMAX assigns gates to airlines in a reliable manner which mitigates the walking distance of the passengers when predefined flight schedules are provided.
  • The GateMAX system complements the experience and judgment of gate planners to help create more robust, optimal and efficient gate schedules.
  • The combination of automation and human intervention makes it possible to gate-assign the aircraft in large and small airports quickly.
  • The GateMAX system monitors real-time flights and provides decision support for ground operations.
  • Using a dynamic-state evaluation paradigm, the system continuously evaluates real-time data, analyzes changing conditions, automatically detects potential problems and suggests possible solutions.
  • Providing a superior method for gating aircraft, the gate planning solution automates repetitive processes to gain ongoing efficiencies. Likewise, the real-time gate management solution provides gate managers with superior tools to handle increases in airport traffic and flight delays.
  • Utilizing the system's scenario analysis capabilities, many different planning options can be run in a short time-frame providing greater precision to the final plan.
WTM GateMAX Advantages
  • Generate automated gate assignments using sophisticated algorithms and optimized decision support technology.
  • Improve airline revenue with a reduction in excess aircraft fuel cost
  • Improve customer satisfaction by decreasing walking distance and reducing wait time
  • Decrease overall flight delays due to automation and faster decision making in changes on the day of operations.
  • Improve on-time connection departures and reduce compensatory arrangements.
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