Airline Crisis Management Solution Integrated approach for crisis and casualty handling

A high degree of internal and external coordination combined with a lot of additional media attention, all in a very short and unexpected time frame, make the work of the people involved in responding to the emergency extremely challenging. Mismanagement during this time is likely to generate a lot of negative publicity and adversely impact the brand. In some cases, this could even escalate to a stage where it could signal the downfall of the airline. Hence, an integrated response to an emergency is highly critical to help safeguard the business and the brand.

WTM's Airline Crisis Management Solution-Properties

WTM's Airline Crisis Management Solution helps airlines cope with quick changes in a volatile situation with innovative features including:

Passenger Manifest:Information on passengers and crew on board is drawn from multiple systems via interfaces and consolidated to present a single list to the user as soon as a flight emergency is created in the application.

Humanitarian Support Volunteer Management: An individual profile can be created for each volunteer to involve team, role, location, passport and visa details, nationality, religion, language skills, and any other relevant information. This offers for a speedy matching and deployment process at the time of the emergency. A training module within the system also allows you to track and manage all your volunteer training history, and assists in planning future training across a calendar year.

Event and Action Logs: An event log feature allows the user to log all activities and events during the emergency as per IATA standards. Logs can be created for groups, team, and individuals making the system a central repository for all information and actions throughout your emergency. Logs can be archived and retained in the system for future reference. In addition, action items can be created and assigned to various stakeholders and its status tracked to closure. Facilitating all users involved to collaborate and view a single platform for instructions and event updates minimizes the probability of a communication gap between them.

Dynamic Reporting: In addition to standard reports available for each module, ad-hoc reports based on the specifics of the emergency can be generated.

Dashboards: Consolidated information is displayed in various graphs and bar charts facilitating a visual display of information in real time for easy viewing and interpretation. This enables timely decision making and effective response to events as they unfold.

Airline Crisis Management Solution Benefits

Security: Access to the application is controlled via a robust access control mechanism. Users are given access to only those functions that are required to carry out their duties.

Humanitarian Response: The ability to record and share information about the location and status of those involved and an update in real time allows responding staff to provide immediate and effective humanitarian support to survivors and their families.

Coordination and Collaboration: Multiple entities involved in responding to the emergency have access to a Central Information System with current data. Proactively guided by the system, they can work together in a concerted and efficient manner to respond effectively and professionally.

WTM's systematic approach to information allows you to guide the response procedurally, and enables professional handling of events. The archiving of all information reduces paperwork, manual archiving, and storage of documents. The system has a live and simulation mode which can be used for exercises & training, and as information can be preloaded, it also provides a useful database for emergency response team management.

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