Logistics Industry

The Logistics Industry has undergone a great deal of transformation. Its traditional image largely associated with transportation and warehousing is rapidly being replaced by that of a service industry with knowledge-based capabilities. New business opportunities driven by changes in retail, e-fulfillment, global sourcing, returns management, and real-time tracking are adding to volumes and operational complexity as the industry bounces back. Logistics players are now racing to stake their claim over market share.

One of the most significant industry trends is the convergence of logistics companies as competitors and partners collaborate to achieve scale and optimize resources. For example, traditional logistics companies are forging alliances with or building internal expertise in various packaging and labeling, customer service, marketing services, e-business and interactive services. The transformation has been from physical assets to the inclusion of knowledge assets, emphasizing the need for IT intervention and support.

WTM's Services & Focus Segments

WTM partners with the world's leading Courier, Express and Parcel, Carrier and Logistics Service Providers.

WTM helps freight and logistics providers build differentiation at the front through vertical specific solutions, decision support and predictive analytics and control towers. WTM helps its clients build standardization at the core through process industrialization and optimization, advanced solutions, efficient asset utilization and dynamic route optimization.

WTM solutions and services include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions:Rapid integration framework for integrating IT systems of acquired entities and optimizing IT assets.
  • Real Time Decision Support and Predictive Analytics:WTM's control tower framework helps improves customer experience with real time decision support and predictive analytics.
  • Testing Innovation:WTM's unique proposition for reducing testing costs through shared testing services and test labs on demand.
  • Unified Support:Reducing IT support costs and freeing up cash for innovation and cutting edge technology.
  • Other offeringsinvolve route optimization,implementation, and building and managing global freight management systems.
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