Airlines Industry

Now-a-days airlines are operating in the most competitive and cost-conscious environment ever. To continue service they need profitable growth, the ability to manage future opportunities and the flexibility to cope with market disruptions, all while not forgetting volatile fuel prices, increased security regulations and growing ecological concerns.

To survive, the industry has moved to consolidation, and the consumer trend has moved to enhanced customer experience and personalization of service. At WTM, we are a true partner to the Airline Industry. We offer services to 3 of the 5 largest airlines in the world and partner with global cargo carriers. We help our airline clients do business better by improving the overall customer experience, reducing the cost of business operations and enabling them to leverage technology to improve overall efficiency.

We do this with tailored strategies and expert teams and have demonstrated our success in the following areas:

Customer Experience
  • E-commerce and Distribution
    • Developed and manage the next generation customer experience platform as part of strategic CRM
    • Less booking costs with the development of a booking engine portal.
    • Implemented various booking portal for different different travel agents enabling interface.
  • Loyalty and Reservation
    • Consult with major airlines on customer segmentation.
    • Maintain and support Frequent Flier systems.
    • Maintain customer support for Loyalty and Reservation systems.
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Application and Infrastructure Management
    • Implement the infrastructure for leading airlines and travel agencies
    • Maintain the complete infrastructure for a large international airport, the first of its kind total outsourcing deal in the world.
  • Maintenance and Engineering
    • Transformed the Material Management System of a leading airline for increased compliance and provided support for hand held devices on the shop floor and readiness for acquiring new aircraft.
    • Provide MRO operational support in Engine Manuals, Airframe Manuals, Component Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins, Reliability Analysis, Engineering Creation, Fleet Work Documents, Airframe Record and Project Purchasing.
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