Life Insurance and Annuity

Achieve growth momentum through product innovation, better risk models and better product pricing

In the profile of a weak economic recovery, the Life Insurance, Annuity and Pension segment has had to cope with a volatile environment. The absence of premium growth, increased lapses, falling margins, ambiguity over investment incomes, changes in buyer preferences and regulatory pressure needing increased capital reserves have impacted earnings momentum. Life Insurance, Annuity and Pension insurers need to enhanced their market positions through outstanding product design and distribution as well as dropped costs of operations.

WTM helps reduce the cost per policy, commutes efficiency and increases productivity in the Life Insurance, Annuity and Pension segment leveraging solutions for better product mix, close pricing, reduced operational costs and greater distribution support that lowers cost of accretion and improves customer retention. WTM's Life Insurance, Annuity and Pension Practice, built over years of cooperation with industry analysts to innovate and build new solutions, has a absolute asset base of processes and tools for each functional area. The wide-ranging list of business events which are promoted by detailed process maps and process descriptions, classification of business rules and high level use cases provide insurers a head start for any development attempt.

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