Pull-based Supply Chain Solutions

By using a "Demand Driven Supply Chain", the attention of hi-tech manufacturers is more on pull-based solutions. This needs a consolidated supply chain network for real time supply and demand data transmission across the value chain. The solution detracts in a robust Warehouse Management System with the ability to collar core processes which include inbound and outbound logistics, facility and workload management and tight alliance between ambitious ERP application and downstream warehouse control systems.

With the concurrence of new technologies around voice recognition, wireless devices, WTM delivers efficient Enterprise Warehouse Management System solutions to help you adorn real time execution capabilities beyond a flexible supply chain process.

Our rich experience beyond diverse

warehouse management

 processes enables us to deliver actual benefits like:
  • Proactive management of accredit and product mix for leaner inventory levels without compromising customer service levels
  • Best drop cross-docking, shipment and postponement capabilities through increased visibility
  • Enhanced efficiency and decreased costs in order-to-delivery cycles based on shared visibility into transportation and inventory
  • Good visibility into warehouse data management through alliance between the finance and logistics functions
  • Increased slotting and disarray processes through single dashboards and scorecards
  • Improved alliance between suppliers and customers to create a responsive and cost-effective network
  • Advanced technology to accelerate streamlined warehouse operations tightly coupled with transportation management systems thereby allowing end-users to achieve desired efficiencies

Our Enterprise Warehouse Management Solutions services include:

  • Warehouse and Logistics Development
  • Warehouse Management Process Design and Implementation
  • Warehouse Management System Implementation and Maintenance
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