Next generation Computing Technology Solutions that drive high performance

The way businesses attempt and deliver value is attracting more dynamic by the day. Globalization, Cloud and social computing technologies, new workforce enumeration and a stubborn economic bootstrap are all accommodating how work gets done. To adapt for the future, organizations are correcting how to define, deploy, source and manage their technology and business services.

WTM provides companies with new solutions and perspectives that help cross the challenges facing today's enterprise. With over experience in building platforms for leading computer manufacturers, our Computing Systems Group affords engineering capabilities to build datacenter servers, desktop systems, laptop computers, and mobile computing platforms.

We give a complete range of services that include:
  • System and Board Design
  • Firmware and Driver Implementation
  • Engineering Operating Systems
  • Platform Migration and Porting Services
  • Software Management

We also use your requirement for new generation computing like server/application virtualization, application acceleration, high performance computing and cloud computing.

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