The computer peripherals industry is fastly increasing evolving, driven by the need to comply to changes in the market environment and the technological landscape. This has denote that companies today have to be active and constantly innovate on their offerings and business models.

These present day requirements have already attend to Printers and related product companies to attempt services around optimizing printing infrastructure, printing and imaging management tools/services, decreasing paper-intensive processes and reducing risk by enhancing security.

WTM present as a product transformation partner

WTM aids computer peripheral companies in driving efficiencies in their business model and also help to drive product innovation through a combination of product engineering, IT and BPO services.

With rich experience in expanding device engines, controllers, firmware, host software and drivers, WTM provides services including the entire product development life cycle. We provide domains such as High-Tech, Health care, Finance, Retail, etc., by offering solutions catering to:
  • Industrial printers
  • Transaction processing and enclosed
  • Barcode
  • Handheld/thermal printers for medical instruments

WTM also helps to various organizations hone and transform their business strategy through our IT and Engineering solutions as well as IPs and patent pending frameworks to High tech industry processes like product design/development, manufacturing, customer relationship and services life period.

We provide solutions across domain of work flow management, application/infrastructure modernization, Cloud computing,demand planning, incentive compensation and partner & IT performance. Based on industry trends, we also offer solutions like pricing and spend management and third party ordering.

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