HealthCare Industry Trends

Health insurance business is endureing dramatic changes such as addressing healthcare reforms and regulatory mandates in order to arrive as a more mature, agile and standardized industry. The payers are more considering business transformation and new technology approval to improve health outcome, sustain business growth and be left competitive, with the following initiatives:
  • Product standardization-Simplify benefits and reduce bounds for customized product configuration
  • Health Insurance Exchange - Improve online sales and service functions to prepare for more clarity and accessibility
  • Real-time Analytics - Develop robust business acuity and analytics systems for internal and external decision making
  • Care Management - Improve quality and cost of care to offer more actualized services
  • Customer Experience Management - Improve customer's communication and satisfaction across service delivery, product and brand

How WTM Helps?

WTM Healthcare vertical Payer Practice with broad insights into the health insurance industry across the commercial and government segments, has designed the following solution charity to meet payers' business manifesto:
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Packaged Product Services and Gain Configuration
  • Governing Compliance
  • Care Management
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • CRM Solution and Analytics
  • Payer Enterprise Testing
  • Healthcare Infrastructure Management and Hosting
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
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