Industry Trends

Federal government's mainly focuses on be in the areas of Human Services and Infrastructure. Human Services involves health systems, health care quality data, fraud detection tools, social security etc. The operational and technology spending could be heading for a short term boost to help alleviate the wider economic slowdown. This spending will, however, slow down in the long run. A change in priorities (defense to state), investment in long term growth areas (BPO) and alignment for new areas of ongoing spending (healthcare) will be the new horizons to look at. There also is an increase in awareness and usage of concepts like latest Web technologies to accomplish social networking capabilities, open source and cloud computing.

How WTM Helps?

WTM is a fore runner in using global collaboration leading to innovation. Our continuous focus is on improving processes to constantly achieve efficiency at lower costs. This focus is felt throughout the organization IT Services, BPO and Consulting. WTM has made substantial foray into the areas of Web technology and can provide citizen centric solutions to ensure that government bodies get closer to their citizens. WTM also has offerings in the area of cloud computing which can enable organizations to build their own cloud.

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