Owner/Operator- EPC Handover & Integration

Enabling structured Handover and benchmark based interoperability

EPC industry convulse out huge amount of unregulated Engineering data and documents as part of project execution. Proprietary data arrangement and non-Interoperability of Systems hinder the free flow of this information amid EPCs, Suppliers and Owners, leading to substantial loss of time and effort. EPCs also find it challenging to meet Owners demand for handover of structured high aspect engineering data.

WTM's Handover and Integration solutions are aimed to help you carry out:

  • Improved Engineering Data Quality wrapped up Information Management Services
  • Consolidation of EPC, dealer data through Data Cleansing, Accepting and migration
  • Continual handover of anlytical electronic deliverables to Owners Operators
  • Automated Information Exchange among EPCs, Holder and Suppliers
  • Cloud hosted secured committal & content management services
  • Implementation of dominant Engineering Information Management tools
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