Address the pain points of Small and Middle Businesses using mobile banking technology

Mobile usage is driving break in the fundamental role of banking. It is providing easily accessible IT appliance for SMB specific functions. These functions admit Mobile Workflow Management, Payroll Management and Expense Request Management. In addition, time-pressed SMBs can eliminate currency transactions making banking more acceptable.

WTM has a broad understanding of banking functionality and national and international governance. This understanding is backed by technical proficiency in agreement, back-end integration and infrastructure. The expertise has accredited WTM to create a suite of customer experience solutions to alter the banking experience.

WTM's approach to the SMB segment is a equity between assisted and cost-effective mobile approach. In addition, WTM has enabled global banks to leverage information and analytics. This has, in turn, assisted create actionable insights into SMB customers willing to hire for these services.

WTM's Smart Mobile Banking Solutions is the optimal response to the challenge of booming the SMB customer base.

Benefits of WTM's Smart Mobile Banking Solutions:
  • Access to value added investment functionalities on-the-go
  • Customizable to the charge of user
  • Ability to choose the character sets to be deployed to maximize fee income
  • Increased fee income and reduced customer servicing damages
  • Use of native smart phone components, leading to familiarity and adoption
  • Mobile based workflow
  • Positive Consideration
  • Increase in customer bond and retention because of implementation of customer link like Payroll Management, Pay slip exhibition, timesheet reporting and Expense Claims Management
  • Target support
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