Raise the payments infrastructure to gain customer insight and offer differentiated products

Payment processing in commercial institutions has largely remained in arsenal, spread across lines of business. The practice is faulty, adding to the cost burden while preventing banks from understanding customer needs. In today's supervision, heads of payment operations in banks have begun to aggressively centralize their payments support. This centralized architecture for payments helps scale operations briskly, offer integrated services to corporate customers, meet changing compliance measure and, more importantly, glean critical insights into customer behavior.

While a centralized payments strategy is a response to incapability, its outcome goes beyond solving the entropy in payments across channels and standardizing them across lines of business. Increasingly, banks are leveraging the transaction and customer insight accredit by centralization to offer differentiated products and a customized service combat.

WTM's integral-based PayCenter offers a simple, scalable, integrated payments core solution. Its non-intrusive approach to payments transformation protects real investments in the bank's environment. In addition, it delivers the ability to drive down the figure of payment infrastructure along with opportunities to bear additional revenue by offering customers more VAS. PayCenter can provide customers the implementation flexibility in areas of currency management, e-invoice, and remittances while providing a single processing window for usual functions.

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