Leverage lending best practices to stay ambitious and expand your customer base

Increased regulation, technology growth, and borrower uncertainty are forcing banks to rearrange their competitive angle. In order to collide, lenders must effectively reach, service, retain and expand the end customer base while reducing rate year on year.

By combinative intuitive and flexible lending technology and expert services, WTM helps contract, consumer and commercial lenders optimize creation processes, reduce compliance risk, and generate future boost.

Bottom in decades of direct lender engagements, WTM's process and technology authority provide lenders with data-driven intuition and recommendations that uncover opportunity and slow down operational risk from lead spawning through post-closing and secondary exchange.

WTM's roundly owned subsidiary, WTM offers a wide range of integrated and entire solutions in technology and services, including the following:
  • NetOxygen LOS technology in enterprise and cloud versions
  • Enterprise Mobile Origination
  • Loan Modification technology
  • Product & Pricing Engine
  • LendCycle Fulfillment for lenders and servicers
  • LendCycle Fulfillment Plus integrated technology platform
  • Domestic and global debt delivery locations
  • Enterprise application development toolkit
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