Internet & Mobile Banking

Improve customer experience through Internet and Mobile Banking solutions of the future

According to a survey held in US , there will be more than 2.2 billion people online worldwide by 2013. However, at the moment, only some clients of a financial institution assign for a product and complete the product application online. To better the online account acquisition rates and break the cost of acquisition and serving the customer, banks will have to:
  • Organize their online latency around customer needs
  • Shorten the product application forms
  • Ensure cross channel collusion
  • Understand and sort out the customer's online behavior
  • Help the customers with analytical tools that can determine the benefits of the products
  • Communicate transparently to the customer

WTM, through its collaborative approach and Internet Banking Capability Enhancers beneficence, helps budgeting institutions maximize the qualitative and calculable benefits of the online channel.

WTM's Internet Banking Cunning Enhancer offering includes services around:
  • User Experience Plan
  • Channel Intelligence
  • Knowledge Management
  • Linked Communication

WTM's end-to-end capabilities in the mobile financial services space starts with affording consulting services to help determine which solutions best applicable the needs of our customers. With platforms and accelerators to speed up the time-to-market for these solutions and comprising development capabilities across all key mobile technologies, WTM carry on keen focus on key capabilities like mobile testing and usability. WTM also has extensive experience in carrier certification and life process management of mobile applications.

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