Network Centric Operations &Simulation

WTM has developed various Network Centric Operations (NCO) initiatives and this has created a well partitioned Network Centric Operations synthesis platform on which it conducts meaningful and structured Net-Centric experiments, to verify the various tenets of the Net-Centric operations like addressing the concept for controlling both the ISR and targeting assets from a single Common Operational Picture.

WTM's in depth experience in the following areas gives competitive advantage to take on NCO projects.

1. Network infrastructure development from huge Telecom and Datacom experience in
  • Standards and authentic protocols development
  • Signaling protocols implementation
  • Network Management (best fit for command and control)
  • Routing and switching algorithms
  • Presentation and applications development
  • IMS framework development
2. Intelligent hand held devices development in
  • Consumer devices such as mobile phones, handhelds,pagers
  • Smart devices on locomotive
  • Medical intelligent devices such as X-rays machine and MRI scanners
3. Security and surveillance systems and applications in
  • Security cameras in industrial automation
  • Surveillance cameras and imaging systems for locomotives
  • Image/Audio/Video encoding, decoding and transformation using various DSP and custom algorithms
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