R&D services for Aerospace and Defense systems

  • Avionics - Manage computers, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, environmental control systems, emergency systems and flight controls
  • Aero Structures- Fuselage, landing gear panel and composite parts
  • Cockpit Display -Simulation and security devices
  • Communication networks
  • Aerospace navigation and surveillance
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Test bench implementation

R&D services are gained by improving systems engineering, embedded and application software, electronic hardware (board design, FPGA/VLSI/SoC, RF/Sensors), DSP and Multimedia, Technical Publications, Enterprise Application Integration and Volume Manufacturing.

What distinguishes WTM's R&D services in Aerospace and Defense?

WTM allows a wide range of solutions, from product conceptualization to product engineering and manufacturing, along with schedule, productivity and product/process quality. . Our world class compliance test facilities comply with standards. WTM performance leverages on the experience of various multi talented engineers from Automotive, Medical, Computing Systems, Telecommunications, Surveillance and Consumer Electronics industries.

List of R&D services

Product & System Conceptualization, analysis, architecture and design, product design development, rapid prototyping, technology implementation, testing, enhancement and sustenance, process/product optimization.

Additional specific services
  • Software Porting Structural coverage testing based development and testing
  • Electronic Hardwarebased development and testing, obsolescence management like footprint and component reduction/upgrade and, reliability analysis
  • MechanicalChassis design, structural analysis, thermal management, drawings
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