Various global companies are looking for viable alternatives to increase their manufacturing efficiency and to carry out the processes in an optimized way. Though involving minimal cost and resources, organizations are demanding maximized output or optimized manufacturing.

To achieve this option, organizations are trying out several alternatives like global sourcing to emerging economies, contract manufacturing etc. The implementation of any of these alternatives is an elaborate affair with a lot of complications caused by:
  • Discrepancy in the decision making process
  • The time taken in the decision-making process from ideation to implementation
  • The time taken in the entire approval process
  • Alteration of resources

For the purpose of optimized manufacturing, companies should opt for a thorough sourcing strategy analysis prior to deciding on relocation or outsourcing of the existing in house work. The decision making procedure followed by the receipt of approvals is one of the most time consuming activities. As a result, transportation of parts and resources like machines, jigs, and fixtures take place.

WTM comes to aid

WTM's solution assists companies to develop optimized manufacturing in a structured manner by establishing a standard process for plant movement. A structured approach to this process also helps in reducing the time taken for the entire approval process and subsequent project management activities. Automation of the process reduces the inaccuracies and delays involved in the manual process of collating, and input of data. Apart from these benefits, the organization can also find out their division of labor and source strategies for both new and continuing programs with the help of this solution.

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