WTM Referral Partner Program!

If there are clients in your network that you think would benefit from WTM , you can earn commissions by referring them. WTM referral partner program will provide you all the resources and information to help them see the benefits of WTM SalesGrow CRM. When you share an opinion or recommend WTM SalesGrow CRM, we are happy to share our success and reward you.

Know how does the WTM Referral Partner Program work?

  • Collaborate in the sales process to
  • Give a free trial to potential customer by SalesGrow CRM Sign Up
  • Invite them for the online demo
  • There is no sales role at your end. Just you have to do is simply make the qualified referral to the WTM sales team.

What benefits do I get?

Being WTM Referral Partner get all kinds of exclusive rewards & benefits, including:

  • Collaborate in the sales process to
  • 30 percent of the subscription revenues (paid by your referral customer)
  • 30% discount on WTM SalesGrow CRM (for your business) subscription payments.
  • Get access to WTM business development and training resources

How are commissions paid?

As the deal get closed of your referral potential customer you will get your commissions

How do I refer the potential customer?

You can mail us the details of your potential customer to partner@wtmit.com.

How do I apply for Referral Partner Program?

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you shortly with further details.

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