Wholesale Distribution

Adapt to evolving customer and market dynamics - faster - with WTM ERP wholesale business software

Enhance visibility across your wholesale business to create differentiation, strengthen customer and supplier relationships, and drive cost efficiency. Our software for wholesale distributors is designed to fuel profitable growth and agility - no matter the size of your business.
  • Grow sales profitably and offer innovative value-added services
  • Significantly improve vendor cost recovery, cash flow, and finance efficiency
  • Achieve operational excellence across the enterprise
  • Integrate demand and supply planning to optimize product mix, inventory levels, and order-fill rates
  • Improve customer experiences with multi-channel sales and service support

Demand and Supply Planning

Maintain the right amount of inventory to meet demand and keep service levels high ? while minimizing inventory investment and the risk of obsolescence.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by having what they need ? when and where they need it
  • Reduce lost sales due to stock-outs and poor demand visibility
  • Lower the cost of goods sold by reducing the amount of inventory on hand
  • Keep the number of inventory turns high
  • Provide fast, flexible response to demand and disruption across the supply chain

Procure-to-Pay Management

Develop profitable supplier relationships. Leverage tools for strategic sourcing, purchasing, supplier collaboration, and agreement monitoring.
  • Bundle purchases to maximize purchasing power and improve profit margins
  • Manage contracts to optimize quantities ordered and reduce costs of goods sold
  • Time purchase orders to take advantage of price changes and limited offers from suppliers

Supply Chain Execution

Drive efficient inbound and outbound logistics, optimize inventory management, and improve customs handling while complying with regulations.
  • Manage and allocate warehouse tasks to avoid resource bottlenecks
  • Lower operational costs and increase the productivity of resources
  • Support efficient direct store delivery (DSD)
  • Ensure compliance with evolving trade regulations
  • Facilitate route optimization with logistics functionality

Order-to-Cash Management

Collaborate with customers to better manage relationships, process orders through preferred channels, and accelerate credit, billing, and collection activities.
  • Streamline order management to boost customer satisfaction and cut costs
  • Drive sales through multiple channels ? from Web sites to call centers
  • Give sales associates secure mobile access to real-time, contextual sales data
  • Increase responsiveness and resolve customer issues ? faster
  • Manage commission processes efficiently and accurately

Rebate and Chargeback Management

Support all phases of vendor cost recovery ? from agreement creation to supplier settlement ? to reduce the cost of goods sold.
  • Identify every outstanding vendor chargeback and rebate claim
  • Connect chargeback process with order-to-cash and finance processes to reduce errors
  • Increase worker productivity and overall financial performance and profitability
  • Reduce days chargebacks outstanding (DCO)

Business Analytics

Gain control of financial management and business analysis - including accounting and controlling, BI, financial performance, profitability analysis, and more.
  • Proactively monitor and manage key performance indicators on dashboards
  • Streamline planning and budgeting activities
  • Optimize working capital for profitable, strategic results
  • Close the books quickly and accurately

Technology Solutions

Leverage a unified IT platform to run your entire business and become a real-time enterprise - internally and beyond the four walls of your organization.
  • Build relationships with trading partners by plugging into their business networks
  • Move into profitable adjacent markets without changing systems and platforms
  • Equip sales and service associates with mobile access to real-time information and processes

Wholesale Distribution Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Improve operating margins, increase cash flow, and realize speedy ROI with our affordable, integrated wholesale distribution software for SMEs.
  • Significantly improve vendor cost recovery, cash flow, and financial efficiency
  • Better understand your customers and suppliers to grow sales profitably
  • Streamline operations to cut costs while offering superior customer service

Mobile Solutions for Wholesale

Drive agility, improve productivity, and sharpen your competitive edge with our mobile solutions.
  • Transform your organization
  • Give your employees secure mobile access to the information and systems
  • Leverage a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure
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