Boost performance with energy management solutions

Get the energy management solutions you need - whether you are focused on generation, transmission, or distribution of utilities.
  • Identify profitable segments for growth
  • Optimize equipment operations to reduce risk
  • Meet market demand with new energy products
  • Integrate your data, processes, and reporting
  • Gain greater control over operation assets
  • Get real-time alerts so you can take action

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for Utilities

Get more accurate billing and analysis and improve service ? by integrating customer meter data instantly with back-end systems.
  • Streamline operations and meter-data management
  • Support all customer-centric business processes, from billing through to analysis
  • Achieve bi-directional communication and control of smart meters

Customer Relationship Management and Billing for Utilities

Optimize cash flow with our customer relationship management (CRM) and billing solution for utilities. Respond quickly to customer questions, avoid disputes, and streamline collections.
  • Manage business procedures quickly and accurately
  • Implement processes that offer increased value to your operations and customers
  • Improve customer experiences

Financial Management of Utility Customers

Improve customer service and satisfaction by providing your agents with the information they need to respond to questions, resolve disputes, and streamline collections.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of each customer's account
  • Improve collections procedures
  • Optimize cash-flow processes

Energy Data Management in a Deregulated Market

Streamline processes for metering and measuring load shapes, settling energy quantities, managing schedules, and billing interval customers.
  • Optimize profile management
  • Improve synthetic profiling
  • Run complex billing and settlement processes

Municipal Billing Solutions for Waste and Recycling

Improve cost center management across your waste and recycling operation ? from logistics through disposal.
  • Optimize billing for municipal waste and recycling activities
  • Improve resource utilization with access tools and route planning
  • Instantly receive and process data from the weigh scale
  • Run complex billing and settlement processes

Route and District Management for Waste and Recycling

Reduce costs and improve service with software solutions designed to help you monitor and manage waste and recycling routes more efficiently.
  • Easily integrate enterprise data for better resource planning
  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster response times
  • Develop, implement, and optimize route plans quickly

Legal Requirements for Waste and Recycling

Ensure your waste and recycling business is complying with regulations. Our solutions can help you manage compliance, while reducing administrative costs.
  • Manage HAZMAT requirements more efficiently
  • Create, confirm, and monitor disposal documents easily
  • Reduce penalties and fines

Mobile Order Management for Waste and Recycling

Integrate your vehicle fleet into your IT network for real-time communication and data recording that can help you save money and improve resource utilization.
  • Improve efficiency with direct implementation of incoming orders
  • Enable real-time information flow between vehicles and the head office
  • Access current information on vehicles, containers, and routes

Enterprise Asset Management for Utilities

Achieve end-to-end asset management with an integrated platform that can help you reduce risks, while driving asset strategies.
  • Improve the performance of existing assets
  • Achieve consistent and reliable asset data for better decision making
  • Increase production, productivity, and budget efficiency

Smart Meter Analytics

WTM ERP Smart Meter Analytics powered by WTM ERP enables utility companies to turn massive volumes of smart meter data into powerful insights and actions.
  • Deliver targeted demand-side management programs to increase adoption rate
  • Reduce direct energy costs via more accurate load forecasts
  • Achieve energy savings and carbon emission targets
  • Increase revenue by upselling new energy services

Mobile Solutions for Utilities

Drive agility, improve productivity, and sharpen your competitive edge with our mobile solutions.
  • Transform your organization
  • Give your employees secure mobile access to the information and systems
  • Leverage a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure

Demand Side Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of energy efficiency and demand response programs. Read about WTM ERP's statement of direction for this new product

Weighing and Recovery Solutions for Waste and Recycling

Process integration for improved speed and reduced costs.
  • Ensure consistent and comprehensive process control
  • Improve the weighing process
  • Optimize the down-stream production and billing processes

Compliance Law Regulations Solution for Waste and Recycling

Comply with the complex legal requirements for the waste and recycling industries.
  • Sophisticated material-flow management processes
  • Documentation and monitoring of waste disposal processes
  • Transparency of all pertinent information

Rapid Deployment Solutions for Utilities

Bring speed and predictability to your next implementation with WTM ERP's preconfigured software, services, or both - at a fixed scope and price.
  • Quick implementations using preconfigured software and predefined services
  • Predictable implementation deployment time and cost
  • Seamless integration with WTM ERP solutions
  • Targeted scope defined by line-of-business needs

Grid Infrastructure Analytics

Get real-time insight into your grid infrastructure to maximize the lifetime of transformers - with our quick-to-deploy grid analytics solution for utilities.
  • Use dashboards to perform retrospective overload analysis and monitor sensor health
  • Give grid operators and engineers real-time, actionable insight on any mobile device
  • Get up and running quickly with a scalable, fixed-scope, and fixed-price solution
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