Transportation and Logistics

Fuel responsiveness - with our integrated SCM software for transportation and logistics

Quickly and affordably develop a highly responsive supply network. Our supply chain management (SCM) software for transportation and logistics can enhance visibility across your supply chain - to help you improve performance and deliver stellar customer service.
  • Manage complexity with network-wide visibility
  • Increase perfect order fulfillment
  • Foster collaboration across your supply network
  • Reduce operational expenses and transportation spend
  • Maximize revenue opportunities with evolved services
  • Reduce inventory costs and increase asset utilization

Transportation Management

Streamline and automate transportation tendering, execution, tracking, and settlement processes for cargo transport and logistics.
  • Deliver reliable, flexible transportation plans regardless of changing conditions
  • Integrate financials with industry-leading transportation management processes
  • Drive improvement across your transportation and extended logistics network

Supply Chain Event Management

Leverage comprehensive logistics tools to better predict, respond to, and execute changes across your extended supply chain.
  • Respond to events from anywhere in the supply chain
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across your business and trading partner network
  • Comply with shipping laws and satisfy international documentation requirements

Asset Management

Get the maximum value from your assets by planning and executing effective maintenance operations, improving utilization, and extending asset life.
  • Optimize utilization of your fleet and transportation resources
  • Leverage industry-specific tools for rail and airline equipment management
  • Expand asset management ? from finance and HR to risk and compliance
  • Reduce operating costs and better manage capital expenditures
  • Improve asset performance with best practices, powerful analytics, and reporting

Extended Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse processes with best-of-breed transportation and logistics solutions backed by an enterprise platform.
  • Manage end-to-end product movements in the warehouse and in the yard
  • Mitigate problems and major issues to improve warehouse efficiencies
  • Transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain
  • Enable customers, suppliers, and partners to share knowledge and resources
  • Respond faster to changes in supply and demand to gain a competitive edge

Elevate performance with financial management software for transportation and logistics

Leverage your resources, people, and technology to drive financial excellence in the face of a challenging economic and regulatory landscape. No matter how complex your transportation and logistics organization, our complete, end-to-end financial management software can help you manage every aspect of your financial health.
  • Analyze cost drivers, profitability, and corporate spending
  • Improve planning, forecasting, and consolidation
  • Control risk and compliance to sustain profitable growth and operational excellence
  • Better manage liquidity, cash, and profitability
  • Increase the accuracy of your cash flow projections
  • Sharpen your focus on financial opportunities and adapt quickly to change

Engage your most valuable assets with our HR software for transportation and logistics

Your employees are expected to provide ever-higher levels of productivity and results. However, only an innovative workforce can achieve those goals. Our HR software for the transportation and logistics industry can help you manage, train, and utilize talent so that your people can meet and exceed expectations - and help grow your business.
  • Attract, hire, and train the best talent for your business - faster
  • Use powerful HR metrics to monitor and manage workforce performance
  • Leverage your best people when and where you need them by managing your workforce in real time
  • Identify workforce trends at an early stage to predict workforce demands
  • Give your workforce easy access to business content, applications, and services

Enhance efficiency and performance with our IT solutions for transportation and logistics

Connect every area of your transportation and logistics business for greater control and efficiency. With our information technology (IT) solutions, you can quickly adapt to shifting business demands, heighten visibility across all your projects, and drive faster, smarter decision making enterprise-wide.
  • Provide business users with fast, easy-to-use reporting, query, and analysis tools
  • Deliver accurate data while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Ensure predictable performance of enterprise applications and infrastructure
  • Build on an open, extensible architecture to adapt processes to business and market needs

Wow customers with our sales, service, and marketing software for transportation

Tune into your customers' needs - no matter how their preferences change and evolve. Tap into real-time customer insights, drive innovation, and build loyalty with our software solutions for sales, service, and marketing.
  • Gain deep insight into your customer base and take action using that intelligence
  • Attract and retain customers by delivering services tailored to their needs
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your channels to expand market reach

Meet your sustainability goals with our software for transportation and logistics

Your sustainability initiatives can do more than reduce your environmental impact - they can protect your brand and improve your bottom line. Our sustainability software for transportation and logistics can help you design and deliver safe, compliant services, track your progress, communicate performance, and achieve your sustainability goals.
  • Measure - and find new ways to reduce - energy consumption
  • Detect potential risks to ensure product safety, meet environmental regulations, and minimize loss
  • Execute a proactive carbon management and reduction strategy aligned with your goals
  • Improve stakeholder reporting with comprehensive sustainability analytics
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