Evolve into a multi-sided business

Excel in the new telecom marketplace by supporting all types of service offerings and rolling them out quickly. Take advantage of the speed of deployment, flexibility, and integrated nature of our telecom solutions.
  • Gain new revenue outside of your traditional business
  • Support both upstream and downstream customers and partners
  • Integrate multi-service, customer-centric billing
  • Manage churn and up-sell with real-time offer management
  • Streamline network operations for greater efficiency
  • Leverage in-memory analytics to process data quickly

Telecommunications Billing

Open up new revenue streams by monetizing service-based business opportunities including content sales, mobile apps, and cloud services with a flexible, integrated billing platform.
  • Support convergent charging manage pricing, rating, simulations, and account balances across mass volume transactions
  • Manage partner revenue and create unified invoices from disparate billing systems
  • Improve customer financial management from revenue to collections to dispute management for greater customer retention

Customer Analysis and Retention

Gain deeper customer insight to provide reduce churn, targeted offerings, and increase subscriber revenue.
  • Improve customer retention and up-sell opportunities
  • Leverage your existing CRM, billing, and financial applications
  • See value quickly, thanks to fast implementation

Network Lifecycle Management

Manage the lifecycle of building, designing, and commissioning network assets ? so that your network is ready when you want to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into capital projects and assets
  • Improve project oversight and collaboration
  • Meet your targets with structured budgeting, realistic estimates, and continual monitoring

Retail Store Management

Deliver an in-store experience that delivers and excites customers the products and services they need ? while reducing stock overhead.
  • Deliver innovative services based on customer needs and preferences
  • Deliver intelligent forecasts based on an understanding of customer demand
  • Identify high-risk transactions with real-time fraud watch and loss prevention analytics

Dealer Management

Maximize the revenue and retention of your dealer channel while gaining operational efficienies and controlling costs.
  • Help dealers gain new subscribers and reduce order processing costs
  • Gain visibility into dealer operations reducing stockouts and days sales outstanding (DSOs)
  • Increase dealer satisfaction by offering flexible commissions and helping to lower costs

Customer Service

Maximize revenue and customer satisfaction with an integrated service process across all of your service interactions.
  • Deliver a consistently high level of service ? resolving issues in the first contact
  • Offer the insight needed to up-sell and cross-sell products and services
  • Reduce part and product returns by proactively identifying and resolving critical product issues

In-Memory Computing for Telecom

Turn insight into action faster than ever before with in-memory computing our softwares, and services.
  • Deliver real-time information throughout the organization ? for better decisions
  • Quickly launch new offers and bundles based on advanced analysis of customer behavior and usage
  • Make real-time connections between network performance and customer experience

Convergent Mediation

Stay profitable with a unified mediation system that can speed your time to market with new services, and software.
  • Launch new services in days instead of months
  • Leverage intelligent filtering and consolidation in the mediation layer
  • Correct and reprocess data in large volumes
  • Transform your raw network data into usable information
  • Unify billing mediation on a platform for any type of processing in any type of network environment
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