Oil and Gas

Effective innovation and efficiency with our operations software for oil and gas

Reach harder-to-recover reserves with innovative products. Our operations software for the oil and gas industry can help accelerate your asset development lifecycle and improve production, maintenance, engineering, and financial management across your enterprise.
  • Control, monitor, reduce, and mitigate operational risk
  • Increase resource allocation and reliability with integrated maintenance processes
  • Achieve insight into operations across the business, supply chain, and production functions
  • Connect transactional and real-time data to drive safe and profitable operations
  • Mitigate energy costs with insight into usage at both the plant and facility / retail levels
  • Determine and reduce carbon intensity across operations to lower costs

Determine, win, and retain profitable customers with our sales software for oil and gas

Change leads to revenue faster. Our salesGrow software for the oil and gas industry can help you offer the right products to the right customers at the right time, accelerate order processing, improve field sales, and streamline retail network operations.
  • Improve margin from each customer visit and lower operating costs
  • Increase customer retention across your network
  • Improve profitability across trade and commodity channels

Increase fleet utilization and productivity - with our SCM software for oil and gas

Leverage fully closed loop planning, scheduling, execution, and monitoring of all modes of bulk transportation. Our supply chain management (SCM) software for the oil and gas industry can help streamline logistics, boost agility, and reduce costs.
  • Assure policy and contract compliance while reducing cycle times and error rates
  • Provide bulk shippers and transporters reduce inventory and cut logistics costs
  • Effectively predict and respond to market volatility
  • Reduce transportation and fuel costs and maximize productivity

Hire and retain the best talent with our HR software for the oil and gas industry

Effectively manage, train, and utilize talent to quickly meet your business goals. Our human resources (HR) software for the oil and gas industry can help you improve workforce productivity and performance - while combating high turnover rates among field employees.
  • Appropriately predict and plan for workforce-related needs and associated costs
  • Manage and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
  • Attract, recruit, appraise, develop, and retain the best talent
  • Support and automate processes for the entire employee lifecycle - from hire to retire
  • Improve workforce utilization with efficient scheduling and capture of time-related data

Exceed stakeholder expectations with our financial management software for oil and gas

Get operational transparency, ensure compliance, and tighten controls. Our financial management software for the oil and gas industry can help you achieve competitive advantage with accurate forecasting, faster reports, and increased cash flow.
  • Gain real-time insight into cash flow, liquidity, and risk
  • Attract a faster financial close and generate rapid, accurate reports
  • Prepare for IFRS compliance and XBRL adoption for financial reporting
  • Boost up forecasting accuracy and return on invested cash
  • Improve predictability and sustain profitable growth with effective risk management
  • Enhance collection rates, reduce bad debt risk, and optimize cash flow

Improve efficiency and transparency with WTM ERP information technology for oil and gas

Achieve greater insight, drive smarter decision making, and achieve efficient execution across your organization. Our information management (IT) solutions for the oil and gas industry can help you access and analyze large volumes of data, quickly adapt to accelerating change - and better plan, operate, and service your assets.
  • Streamline user interactions with improved service desk operations
  • Achieve transparency across IT portfolio, project management, and resources
  • Boost up efficiency and value along the application lifecycle and ITIL phases
  • Less total cost of ownership (TCO) through centralized identity management
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