Dig deeper with our mining industry solutions to optimize performance and reduce risks

Modeled for companies of all sizes, our mining industry software can help you achieve your goals. Efficiently manage all aspects of your commodity business, while complying with business requirements and regulations. Better yet, gain full visibility into all relevant metrics to understand how your business is performing.
  • Maintain commodity sales, purchasing, and transportation
  • Achieve visibility and proactively manage commodity risks
  • Assure reliable end-to-end order fulfillment
  • Promote better asset performance and utilization
  • Efficiently manage operational safety, risk, and compliance
  • Leverage analytics, mobility, and in-memory technology

Commodity Management

Manage daily fluctuations of commodities prices and achieve full visibility into associated financial risks.
  • Handle complex pricing rules for commodities
  • Develop and deliver invoices with improved quality
  • Achieve visibility into commodity exposures
  • Decrease commodity risk with effective hedge management

Bulk Transportation

Make Plan and execute bulk shipments with an integrated end-to-end process. Gain full visibility into shipment performance to lower transportation costs.
  • In a easy way adapt changes in shipping schedules
  • Enhance automatic shipping execution capabilities
  • Achieve full visibility into your shipment plans and measure performance

Optimized Asset Operations and Maintenance

Mitigate mining equipment downtime by employing proactive maintenance strategies and efficient maintenance processes.
  • Gain timely equipment information through integrated plant systems
  • Mitigate downtime related to equipment and maintenance problems
  • Automate the entire service and spare parts procurement process
  • Accommodate maintenance tasks with planning, scheduling, and spare parts management

Operational Risk Management

Effectively manage risks across your mining operations including those mitigated by health and safety compliance.
  • Give visibility into operational risks across processes and departments
  • Assure the safety of the environment by improving investigations and reporting
  • Keep pace into assets safe with reliability-centered maintenance and work permit management

Energy and Environmental Resource Management

Trace, and report energy consumption and emissions of your equipment to react to increasing energy costs and environmental regulations.
  • Remove carbon emissions by closely monitoring energy consumption and emission rates
  • Execute with laws and policies by providing tools to report and reduce emissions
  • Accommodate energy costs and emissions penalties into planning and budgeting

Sourcing and Procurement

Empower an end-to-end sourcing and procurement process by connecting spend analysis and on-demand strategic sourcing.
  • Mitigate costs, increase contract compliance and improve purchasing productivity
  • Provide consistent, negotiated terms and conditions
  • Explore spending to identify ways to save

Information Technology

Run efficiency and performance, gain organizational control, and adapt more nimbly to shifting business demands.
  • Gain secure access to business processes and data anytime and anywhere
  • Adapt to accelerating change with integrated management of your IT infrastructure
  • Create and adapt processes that address the unique needs of your customers
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