Life Sciences

Drive process efficiency and compliance with our solutions for the life sciences industry

Increase time to market with innovative, compliant products. Our scalable solutions for the life sciences industry are designed to support and streamline your business-critical processes from product development to manufacturing to customer service for enhanced product safety, lower costs, and improved quality of life.
  • Establish a profitable product portfolio with 360-degree insight into patient needs
  • Seize new revenue, speed response times, and balance inventories with analytics
  • Improve patient safety and drug recalls with real-time visibility and traceability
  • Enhance performance across people, processes, and plants with operational transparency
  • Streamline customer processes to minimize errors, DSO, and revenue leakage
  • Boost sales effectiveness by providing reps with real-time customer and market insights

Integrated Product Development and Compliance

Implement innovative, compliant pharmaceuticals and medical devices faster through increased R&D collaboration and improved resource utilization.
  • Upgrade product development processes
  • Assure compliance with ever-changing regulations
  • Evaluate R&D costs efficiently and accurately
  • Explore portfolios of molecules in your products
  • Sustain a consistent, accurate source of product data

Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning

Harmonize demand and supply by integrating visibility into market demand and your supply planning processes.
  • Increase visibility to maximize product availability and minimize lost sales
  • Enhance in-stock rates, service, and supply chain costs by optimizing inventory levels
  • Fulfill customer expectations profitably and beat competition with enhanced execution

Supply Chain Execution

Assure that your customers have the right product at the right place, time, and cost for improved customer service levels, maximized assets, and lower costs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with increased perfect order rates
  • Mitigate your overall logistics costs
  • Enhance logistics efficiency, readiness, and agility

Supply Network Traceability

Leverage robust product issue and traceability reporting for faster recall minimizing financial and brand risk exposure.
  • Connect a product with the raw materials, assets, and services used during its manufacture
  • Assure secure distribution of products
  • Inhibit and detect diversion and counterfeiting while complying with regulations
  • Gain full visibility of end products including condition over their lifecycles

Contract Management

Implement, automate, standardize, and scale commercial sales and government contracts. Manage pricing, charge backs claims, and rebates to reduce overpayments.
  • Increase time to contract through automated contract creation and collaboration
  • Lesser legal, financial, and regulatory risk with standardized language and reporting
  • Provide more savings and revenue through contract visibility and awareness
  • Enhance control and compliance over contract lifecycles via alerts and reports

Sales Force Effectiveness for Medical Devices

Establish strategic go-to-market plans for medical devices to accelerate buying decisions, improve sales productivity, and attain and retain profitable customers.
  • Enhance revenue contribution
  • Lesser product and part returns by resolving critical product issues proactively
  • Support relevant information and resources to customers to ensure high-quality service
  • Improve productivity of field technicians through optimized assignments

Service Excellence for Medical Devices

Develop an integrated medical device service process to increase customer loyalty and enhance productivity across your service organization.
  • Enhance complaint analysis with text-based analytics in multiple systems
  • Differentiate complaints with product registrations to improve new product development
  • Increase query response time and gain a single source of truth with scalable reporting
  • Enhance business performance and flexibility

Compliant Manufacturing Operations

Accommodate real-time data from various life sciences plant operations. Measure performance, ensure compliance, and react to unplanned events and demand changes.
  • Enhance return on all types of assets
  • Mitigate the manufacturing cycle time
  • Assure consistent product and process quality and operations safety

Contract Manufacturing for Life Sciences

Give faster response to demand and supply variability. Coordinate visibility across internal plants and vendors and integrate planning, execution, outsourcing, and supply.
  • Adjust re-planning to reduce lead times, minimize inventory, and improve service
  • Accommodate internal and outsourced manufacturing and boost visibility and responsiveness
  • Assure flexible, cost-effective material availability with pull-based material supply

Calibration and Equipment Maintenance

Allow support for your budget planning, shutdown management, maintenance planning and execution, service procurement, and spare parts management.
  • Achieve visibility and control to reduce downtime
  • Keep assets profitable, enforce service levels, and optimize maintenance activities
  • Control master data and physical assets, work procedures, and task scheduling
  • Increase maintenance, shutdown planning, purchased services, and spare parts
  • Improve equipment reliability to stabilize planning and use of resources

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Offer your entire strategic sourcing process from supplier and project management to support manufacturing to product licensing.
  • Decrease process costs and accelerate cycle times by automating procurement and workflow
  • Improve supplier relationships with electronic transactions and collaboration
  • Act strategically using data visibility across suppliers and procure-to-pay cycles
  • Mitigate total cost of ownership (TCO) by unifying systems and data sources
  • Leverage a flexible platform that is integrated with SAP Business Suite software

Contract Lifecycle Management and Compliance

Implement a standardized contract creation process, enhance portfolio visibility, and manage systemic governance and compliance processes.
  • Automate contract creation for efficiency and transparency
  • Provide deep visibility into contracts for effective management
  • Enhance contract awareness and monitor usage
  • Stay informed of imminent expirations
  • Efficiently manage regulatory requirements and risk

Operational Procure-to-Pay

Control the procurement of raw materials for manufacturing. Standardize ordering, supplier collaboration, and invoice/payment processes for all categories of spend.
  • Develop requisitions flexibly either automatically or manually
  • Allow supply sources, validate restrictions, and generate and track orders
  • Receive receipt of goods and services to prepare for follow-up processes
  • Plan for follow-up processes such as automated financial settlement
  • Usage tools for invoice management, evaluated receipt settlement, and invoice payment

Spend Analytics

usage analytics to improve visibility across all spend data sources. Gain holistic insight to improve the identification of potential cost savings.
  • Enhance data capture from disparate systems and improve data accuracy
  • Quickly identify savings potential and supplier rationalization opportunities
  • Pinpoint single-supplier dependencies, and analyze supplier risk factors
  • Improve spend under management by setting up performance goals on critical factors
  • Collaborate to act on insights from spend performance

Insights and Analytics

Provide real-time insight into prescription, product, and sales information and make more strategic decisions for improved efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Speedy and easily deploy a broad range of data visualization options
  • Reduce costs by integrating reporting, analytics, and core process solutions
  • Promote cross-functional collaboration and ensure compliance with standard KPIs
  • Enable business users with advanced analytics to improve decision making company-wide

Business Process Management and Integration

Run operational efficiency. Build differentiating, state-of-the-art applications and processes that extend core best practices.
  • Automate processes from simple workflows to tough integrated processes
  • Develop intuitive applications that connect staff to key processes on any mobile device
  • Offer the full business process lifecycle from design to implementation
  • Align business and IT to establish a secure, single source for key information
  • Boost up reliability and lower cost with integrated application lifecycle management

Global Data Synchronization

Validate product information versus the GS1 standard, synchronize data across an extended supply network and run smoother, faster, more cost-effective operations.
  • Increase collaboration with trade partners by synchronizing product and price data
  • Decrease error-processing costs by confirming data accuracy of manufacturers and retailers
  • Lesser total cost of ownership using the comprehensive WTP ERP platform

Life Sciences Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Enhance operating efficiency and flexibility and realize speedy ROI with our affordable, integrated life sciences software for SMEs.
  • Receive dynamic customer demand by improving forecasts and on-shelf availability
  • Improve customer service with faster response to market and operational changes
  • Shorten inventory cycles and coordinate reductions in inventory levels
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