Industrial Machinery and Components

Deliver products and services that keep pace with rapidly changing demand

Be even with the way your customers use your products or services no matter how much their preferences evolve and change. Tap into real-time customer insights to drive innovations and improvements that build loyalty.
  • Achieve deep insight into your customer base and take action using that intelligence
  • Fascinate and retain customers by delivering products designed around their needs
  • Improve the effectiveness of your channels to expand market reach
  • Delegate the right products to the right customers at the right time

Solution and Performance Selling

Develop quotations and performance based contracts with our industrial machinery solutions. And, take care of equipment and tool management at the same time.
  • Enhance profits by improving RFQ/RFP processes, margin management, and demand generation
  • Increase customer service with world-class interaction center management
  • Clarify marketing activities with superior resource management and target marketing

Configurable Products Sales

Exploit into powerful product configuration capabilities across the entire lifecycle from forecasting and guided selling to order processing and final billing.
  • Run customer loyalty and satisfaction with configurable solutions that meet unique needs
  • Develop guided selling to maximize productivity, and reduce reliance on engineering expertise
  • Lesser sales management and sales training costs with fast, easy-to-learn configuration processes

Project Lifecycle Management

Take complete project lifecycle management capabilities, including quoting, costing, engineering, manufacturing, installation, billing, service, and maintenance.
  • Mitigate time to profit for new projects by saving time in research, development, and engineering
  • Run sourcing and quality cost savings by using economies of scale during the manufacturing ramp-up
  • Assure transparency in project activities across customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees

Sales OnDemand

Provide mobile, Web, and subscription solutions to help your sales, service, and marketing teams work efficiently, close deals quickly, and improve customer loyalty.
  • Allow world-class sales functionality in a software-as-a-service or cloud delivery model
  • Get advantage of subscription-based pricing and SAP ERP integration for fast ROI
  • Allow your sales force with access to productivity tools and information anywhere, anytime

Sales Force Management

Increase your sales forecasting,territory planning, account maintenance, pipeline management, and demand planning by relying on integrated and automated sales solution.
  • Get help your sales force acquire profitable customers, speed buying decisions, and improve productivity
  • Enhance revenue and foster sales force potential with customer relationship management software
  • Constricts account data control and improve accurate reporting on sales leads and opportunities


Develop customer loyalty and demand generation with an online presence that meets their needs.
  • Implement attractive content that helps customers find best products and services
  • Allow targeted customer pricing with efficient and fast order creation
  • Delegate personalized product information in catalogs designed for industrial machinery companies

Deliver reliable order fulfillment at maximum profit

Gain the flexibility you need to quickly and affordably adapt to market changes, capitalize on new opportunities, and deliver stellar service with our supply chain management (SCM) software for industries of any size.
  • Take greater forecast accuracy and optimized inventory
  • Improve perfect order fulfillment
  • Mitigate operational expenses and transportation spend

Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning

Balance demand and supply. Respond quickly to changes with integrated demand forecasting, sales and operations planning, and supply network collaboration.
  • Harmonize demand and supply to drive up in-stock rates and increase planning efficiency
  • Increase demand visibility and responsiveness across customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees
  • Enhance on-time delivery performance to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

Manufacturing Network Planning and Execution

Increase visibility across a network of internal plants and outsourced manufacturers for greater integration and collaboration.
  • Mitigate lead times, inventory levels, and over-shipments through better supplier communication
  • Achieve greater control over procurement operations and landed costs
  • Decrease payment discrepancies and improve electronic billing so you can replace paper invoices

Logistics and Fulfillment Management

Provide fulfillment tools that help you promise orders, manage inbound and outbound freight, and ensure efficient receiving, storage, and shipping processes.
  • Assure optimal inventory levels by managing and tracking in and out-bound warehousing activity
  • Usage robust supply chain processes to maximize asset use and cut inventory and transportation costs
  • Consolidate orders to improve available-to-promise commitments and on-time delivery performance

Centralized Sourcing and Contract Management

Control sourcing and contracts centrally by connecting supplier management, sourcing, contract management, and operational procurement processes.
  • Achieve visibility into demand, maximize savings, and reduce supply chain risk
  • Assure global contract compliance, and mitigate contract risk
  • Based on procurement processes specifically designed for industrial machinery companies

Distinguish your company from the competition with innovative solutions

Achieve 360-degree support for all product-related processes from the first product idea through manufacturing and service. With our product development software, you can manage products throughout their entire product lifecycle.
  • Develop and deliver innovative products
  • Quickly time to market with efficient processes
  • Assure full product compliance
  • Give fast response to become more agile than your competitors
  • Usage embedded analytics to provide decision support and alignment

Integrated Product Development

Determine why innovation is one of the most important topics for industrial machinery and components companies.
  • Cooperate efficiently in early design phases to handle complex project structures
  • Harmonize engineering, manufacturing, and service bills of materials to improve efficiency and communication
  • Improve visibility across departments with embedded analytics and a harmonized user interface

Continuous Product and Service Innovation

Give quick response to market needs by managing your portfolio performance, product road map, ideas, concepts, innovation, resources, and costs.
  • Connect continuous innovation with program and project performance and understand the impacts
  • Promote a culture of innovation with better research, development, and engineering processes
  • Link key functions in a closed feedback loop enabling continuous improvement

Embedded Product Compliance

Trace and document product properties and the use of materials and chemicals to comply with trading and environmental, health, and safety regulations.
  • Save your brand from costly noncompliance by mitigating product design and distribution risks
  • Based on embedded product compliance and keep pace with evolving global regulations
  • Initiate a clean, cross-functional process to make compliance easier reducing your risk

See how Aware benefits from WTM ERP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Accommodate your manufacturing with the rest of your enterprise and manage complex interdependencies. Our comprehensive solution for manufacturing operations can help you drive down costs, improve quality, and increase responsiveness.
  • Harmonize manufacturing with planning, scheduling, maintenance, risk, and quality management
  • Delegate insights at the point of need by aggregating operational, maintenance, and planning data
  • Receive leading quality and safety indicators with integrated operating data and maintenance systems

Engineer-to-Order (ETO) and Project Manufacturing

Improve the ETO plan-to-produce process including enterprise planning and control, plant-level operations, manufacturing execution, and product compliance.
  • Deliver efficient ETO operations to cut costs, satisfy customers, and meet safety and quality standards
  • Get the insight you need to keep operations humming with manufacturing intelligence
  • Make supply and demand data available anytime, anywhere

Efficient Manufacturing Operations

Grow your entire plan-to-produce process including enterprise planning and control, plant-level operations, manufacturing execution, and product compliance.
  • Streamline operations to cut costs, satisfy customers, and meet safety and quality standards
  • Deliver manufacturing operations faster and smarter by optimizing execution and inventory
  • Assure compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations

Make-to-Order (MTO) Manufacturing

Initiate the entire MTO plan-to-produce process, including enterprise planning and control, plant-level operations, manufacturing execution, and product compliance.
  • Drive efficient MTO operations to reduce costs, while satisfying customers and quality and safety standards
  • Accumulate MTO operations humming with our manufacturing integration and intelligence software
  • Assure MTO supply and demand data availability with our supply chain performance software

Optimized Asset Operations and Maintenance

Maintain all aspects of asset operations from procedure documentation to shutdown planning, viewing of open work orders, and coordinating purchased services.
  • Enhance run time and equipment reliability while cutting costs with integrated maintenance
  • Get greater visibility and control of manufacturing operations
  • Give faster response to unplanned disruptions, increase asset uptime, and narrow process variability

Discover the keys to stellar service

Deliver service excellence with quick issue resolution, profitable interactions, and streamlined processes. Exceed customer expectations and drive revenue through your interactions and operations with service software designed for industries of any size.
  • Enhance first contact resolution (FCR) rate
  • Improve cross-sell,up-sell, and bundling revenue
  • Increase resource utilization

Service Parts Planning and Logistics

Make sure you have the right parts in the right place at the right time. Manage service parts efficiently across ordering, planning, and execution.
  • Enhance service reliability, availability, and revenues with our service parts planning software
  • Upgrade service revenue and margins and make service a key competitive differentiator
  • Develop a leading service profit center by using our service operations and warehousing software

Service Management of Field Service, Warranties, and Returns

Effectively manage service orders, scheduling, dispatch, contracts, billing, and spare parts for your installed base of customers.
  • Prepare field service technicians with mobility tools to keep service and product return costs low
  • Support the complete service lifecycle to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency metrics
  • Increase revenue and profit margins on returns, repairs, warranties, maintenance, and field services

Advanced Reverse Logistics Management

Increase operations and analytics for reverse logistics including warranty, returns, and repair processes using our industrial machinery and component solutions.
  • Support warranty service levels while speeding up repair and return processes
  • Assure timely collection and reporting of warranty information to protect profit
  • Blown down costs by using predictive analytics along with user-friendly tools and dashboards
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