Defence and Security

Plan, strategies, and support your missions better

Enable your defense organization. Excel at mission-critical activities including strategy management, enhanced intelligence, and command and control integration.
  • Enhance strategy management to ensure effective missions
  • Increase intelligence and information management
  • Advances decision-making analytics and improve weapons systems monitoring
  • Streamline command and control integration
  • Analyze utilization of resources

Force Deployment

Offer deployed operations with integrated planning functionality for all resources including HR, material, and finances with WTM ERP for Defense & Security.
  • Give relevant information with complete visibility for stakeholders
  • Provide the correct mix of resources and support force deployment processes
  • Plan and execute collaboratively to support planning, generation, and deployment

Force Generation

Allow one integrated platform that synchronizes resources to ensure your forces are trained, equipped, and ready for a full spectrum of operations.
  • Develop material and resource availability using your own organizational structure
  • Provide force management capabilities that enable interoperability
  • Allow visibility and readiness of available resources across platforms

Interoperability with Battle Management Systems

Connect operational planning command and control systems with geospatial systems to get the force management capabilities you need.
  • Provide organizational data for C2IS via MIP, ADatP-3, and enterprise services
  • Allow process integration between WTM ERP ERP and C2IS via enterprise services
  • Give logistic assessment reports with ADatP-3 and PDF output

Put your focus on mission fulfillment with a logistics management system for defense organizations

Achieve full visibility across your entire supply chain for better mission-support across your defense operation from streamlining maintenance processes to optimizing asset tracking systems. Supply chain management solutions from WTM ERP give you the power and integration you need.
  • Improve logistics management to ensure equipment and parts are delivered on time
  • Enhance asset tracking and monitoring as well as weapons systems integration
  • Drive sensor integration to speed up logistics and maintenance processes

Inventory Optimization

Store and track materials based on quantity and value and structure logistics facilities to cost-effectively optimize your inventory management processes.
  • Enhance workload planning to meet mission readiness requirements
  • Deliver wave picking and order consolidation
  • Harmonize radio frequency and barcode scanning
  • Improve handling unit management to ensure efficient asset utilization
  • Streamline warehouse processes and cut material handling with better cross-docking

Transportation, Logistics, and Fulfillment Management

Reduce transportation costs and gain inventory visibility. With better logistics execution, you can increase throughput, order accuracy, and asset utilization.
  • Allow a full audit trail for each transaction with associated import regulations
  • Develop and execute the optimal modes for transport, from origin to destination
  • Enhance collaboration with suppliers for better downstream execution
  • Account for freight costs accurately through management of transportation spend
  • Assure compliance with the latest government regulations and policies

Performance-Based Logistics

Offer system maintainability from contract management to product support with a performance-based logistics model that is based on an integrated IT system.
  • Streamline contract management for full visibility
  • Implement for efficient product support
  • Enhance equipment sustainability to meet availability goals

Operational Excellence with Extended Warehouse Management

Allow flexible automated support for processing goods and managing stock in high-volume warehouses with WTM ERP Extended Warehouse Management.
  • Take metrics based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)
  • Allow metric hierarchies with relationships between departmental performance measures
  • Gain out-of-the-box integration to WTM ERP Business Suite

Service Parts Planning and Logistics

Searching for capitalization on the growth and profit potential of your defense organization? Look close to home - in your own service parts business.
  • Allow full inventory visibility across the whole service parts supply chain
  • Manage inventory across distribution networks based on volume and segments
  • Determine out-of-the-box process collaboration with an intuitive Web interface for suppliers
  • Base distribution decisions on the network's real-time data

Materials Management in Operations and Exercises

Reserve parts and services that are required to operate technical assets need to be available at right location, time, quantity and quantity regardless of IT constrains. Distributed Maintenance or WTM ERP's MDS provide agile execution of Maintenance processes independently of central systems and in unstable communication environment.

Defense Replenishment Planning

Inside Planning covers the prioritized planning of consumables and non-consumables such as equipment.

Equipment Management

Personel,Functional,Structural equipment allows tracking of equipment issued to the persons, monitoring status and monitoring authorized real equipment.

Ordering Unit Commitment

Correctly commit to a customer at the time of order entry or receipt, the date on which you are able to deliver the order in its entirety.

Storage and Fulfillment

Handle all aspects of warehouse and distribution operations around a site include inbound activities, inventory control, and fulfillment capabilities.

Global Trade Management

Global Trade Management assists you in managing all compliance, import, and export processes across your global supply chain.

Efficient Transportation Operations

Handle TM life cycle from transportation requirement creation, planning, booking and freight tendering and freight cost calculation and settlement.

Superior financial management for your defense and security organization

Enhance transparency, accountability, compliance, and reporting with financial management software designed for defense and security organizations. Our solutions can help you establish and maintain a financial infrastructure that supports future missions.
  • Increase financial management to meet government regulations and principles
  • Accelerate capital program management to ensure effective program delivery
  • Harmonize fixed-asset management to improve visibility

Mission accomplished procurement software that delivers the defense equipment and services you need

Adhere to procurement compliance standards and improve your purchasing processes with better transparency and reporting. Our procurement management software for defense and security will help you meet your financial management priorities.
  • Offer defense MIL STRIP purchase to fully integrate FMS processes
  • Fulfill government procurement rules and regulations for the public sector
  • Drive purchasing process to ensure on-time delivery of military equipment

Support your missions at home and abroad with IT management software for defensed security

Affect the IT challenges of mission operations, including low bandwidth, energy constraints, and unreliable connectivity. Our information technology software for defense and security enables integration across your business network with an enterprise services (ES) repository.
  • Deploy operations IT architecture quickly and efficiently
  • Increase SOA enabled enterprise process integration
  • Offer mobile defense solutions ? providing the right information, anytime and anywhere

Support end-to-end maintenance planning

Provide an end-to-end process that links the maintenance planning document, including maintenance scheduling, with the asset, its allowable configuration at equipment, tail or fleet level.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Improving customer service
  • Increase product or service quality
  • Increased repair turnaround time
  • Enhance engineering productivity

Support end-to-end maintenance planning

Provide an end-to-end process that links the maintenance planning document,including maintenance scheduling with the asset, its allowable configuration at equipment, tail or fleet level.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate operating costs
  • Improving customer service
  • Improve product / service quality

Maintenance in Operations and Exercises

Maintenance requires planning, execution and documentation promptly, in detail and continuously, independently of IT infrastructure and communication restrictions.

Defense Maintenance and Scheduling

Receive the total internal and external demand across line, base, engine and component maintenance and delivers a balanced maintenance schedule.

Asset Visibility and Performance

Allow tools to connect plant operations and ERP data, and enables you to track asset performance, identify improvement actions, and optimize asset operations.

Planning, Building, and Commissioning Assets

Initiate with long term planning, capital budgeting, project initiation, & governance, continuing through the last stages of the process for project planning.

Optimized Asset Operations and Maintenance

Throughly spans across budget planning, shutdown management, maintenance planning and execution, service procurement and spare parts management.

Maintenance Engineering

Allows management and monitoring of maintenance programs, modifications, configurations and the technical documents required for the serviced fleets/assets.

Maintenance Operations

Keep up Operations covers all processes in line, base engine and component maintenance which are required for an efficient execution.
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