Price Optimization

Develope efficient pricing strategies that can help you achieve your strategic goals - with a price optimization solution designed specifically for banking.
  • keep well-defined pricing practices in place
  • Streamline and automate pricing processes
  • Base pricing on analysis of current customer data
  • Manage margins in a highly competitive market
  • Adapt to shifting customer requirement and economic trends

Deliver products and services that keep pace with rapidly changing demand

Sustain your customers use your products or services no matter how much their preferences evolve and change. Tap into real-time customer insights to drive innovations and improvements that build loyalty.
  • Take deep insight into your customer base and take action using that intelligence
  • Interact and retain customers by delivering products designed around their needs
  • Increase the effectiveness of your channels to expand market reach
  • Deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time

Customer Information Management

Give a consistent customer experience against all communication channels.
  • Provide employees a 360-degree customer view to improve service and communication
  • Develop attractive marketing campaigns based on real-time customer information
  • Execute your customer centric growth strategy on the basis of accurate insights

Customer Analytics

Achieve insights into your customers and your sales organization to improve communication, performance, and profitability.
  • Analyze customer records in real time to improve their overall experience
  • Increase the total customer experience from contact center and agent performance to customer service
  • Control planning, forecasting, and analytics to improve pipeline performance

Customer Service Contact Center

Efficiently manage call center activities and connect with your entire banking organization.
  • Trace customer requests through multiple channels for more "one and done" tickets
  • Give call agent scripting and knowledge management tools to up-sell products
  • Give consistent product and service offers and complaint handling across all interaction channels
  • Appoint customers from branch network to online to mobile

Sales Force Management

Give the knowledge needed to turn customer insight into sales strategies that acquire, grow, and retain profitable relationships.
  • Give tailored products as a foundation to grow and exceed sales targets
  • Give employees a 360-degree customer view to improve service
  • The Help management module track, monitor, and improve employee sales performance

Loyalty Management

Access customer loyalty management strategically to reward the right customers.
  • Implement campaigns and tactics that appeal to your target audience
  • Use loyalty incentives to reward the right customers
  • Use metrics from product purchases, money spent, to branch visits to build rewards

Marketing Campaign Management and Customer Segmentation

Efficiently explore, plan, and execute every marketing activity through all customer touch points.
  • Develope relevant and personalized real-time offers through inbound marketing channels
  • Allow strategic campaign planning and multichannel execution
  • potentialize customer relationships with relevant, personalized interactions

Reduce costs and complexity for banking processes

Control your business processes with new levels of efficiency and relentlessly drive down costs. With our banking software, you can streamline your core banking processes, reducing complexity and rework.
  • Streamline core banking processes for all major lines of business on the same technology platform
  • Take less time to introduce new products
  • Inexpensive cost of bank operations
  • Serve customers in all over channels

Deposit Management

Organize and monitor the entire life cycle of an account contract, including transactions, agreements, statements, and other related tasks.
  • Automate deposit account processes to decrease the cost per unit handled
  • Develop a single account and contract management tool for all cross-division products
  • n a flexible way support evolving products and services

Loans Management

Organize and monitor the entire lifecycle of a loan contract, including origination activities, all subsequent transactions, agreements, statements, and more.
  • Increase time to market with swift and painless development of new products
  • Automate loans management processes to decrease costs per unit and reduce error load
  • Reduce implementation time and maintenance costs

Collateral Management

Efficiently trace and organize all collateral-related processes, from creation through risk-exposure reporting.
  • Give quality data for reserve provisioning and capital adequacy calculations
  • manage complex lending and collateral relationships typical of corporate customers
  • Connect any credit system through web services

Corporate Loans

Handle corporate and complex high-value loans for customers with a seamless process that provides end-to end service.
  • Support corporate customers highly tailored loan management services
  • Support all back-office processes with a high degree of flexibility
  • Develop a comprehensive lending solution with integration across all relevant components

Corporate Cash Management

provide highly individualized cash management services with deposit and payment products to improve liquidity and interest results for corporate customers.
  • Take one global solution with multi-currency, multi-country, and multi-time zone capabilities
  • Give automated and extensive support for account and cross-product processes
  • Access highly flexible configuration options to quickly adopt required processes

Payment Engine

Streamline all payment processes using standardized interfaces along with surrounding applications to create one central payment hub.
  • Lower cost of ownership by simplifying processes across business and product lines
  • Gain efficiencies by re engineering payment operations into one central platform
  • Implement new revenue system with a scalable payment platform that supports all channels

Covered Bonds

Enable your bank's capabilities by building up a refinancing platform to issue covered bonds.
  • Benefit from easy handling and transparency of all available assets to be funded
  • Give an overview of all funding transactions to identify more effective funding
  • Facilitate changes or enhancement requirements from investors and businesses

Lease Management

Capitalize on new global demand for leased objects by streamlining all business processes of the leasing lifecycle.
  • Provide an end-to-end solution that supports core leasing processes
  • Access a high level of customization through rule-based engines
  • Streamline contact life cycle management processes from billing and invoicing to asset tracking

Charging and Billing Management

Develop real-time rating and fee models for banking services with integrated billing.
  • Believe on an end-to-end solution for consumer-to-cash relationship pricing
  • Control relationship pricing and consolidate disparate billing systems for quick go to market
  • Support billing and invoicing to support real-time charging, receivables, and payables

Proactively manage risk and finance with real-time insight

Arm yourself with real-time information to save your organization from risk. With our banking software solutions, you can gain insight into banking operations enterprise-wide and proactively manage risk and compliance.
Close your books faster. Consolidate financial data into multiple formats - so that you can plan, budget, and allocate capital more effectively. And make better business decisions.
  • Provide real-time access to information
  • Accurately and efficiently measure product, customer, and channel profitability
  • Dynamically model institution and market assumptions and incorporate them into plans
  • Budget,forecast and plan faster and more accurately

Accounting and Financial Close for Banking

Deliver timely, accurate financial reports by standardizing and automating the financial close cycle.
  • Synchronize your financial accounting architecture to close books faster with fewer errors
  • Lower the cost of finance and compliance processes
  • Fulfill regulatory reporting requirements with timely, reliable financial reporting

Risk and Compliance Management

Effectively monitor risks and internal controls to align strategy and operations, improve predictability, and sustain profitable growth.
  • Access all data from various systems, resulting in fewer disparities and lower costs
  • Manage risks efficiently across multiple business lines with on time, compliant monitoring
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency with simple,integrated reporting interfaces

Financial Performance Management

Explore how to invest in opportunities that allow you to control costs, determine the best strategy, and use real-time data to make immediate adjustments.
  • Develop better financial decisions faster using real-time data
  • Integrate your strategy across all levels of the banking organization
  • Give accurate costing information to make more informed decisions

Real Estate Life cycle Management

Align efficient acquisition, construction, lease, space, and facilities management across your stake holders to enhance your property portfolio value.
  • Provide efficient visibility into what you own vs. lease and locations, uses, and costs
  • Lower transaction costs, increase operational efficiency, and free up capital
  • Simplify decision making and investment strategy with appropriate performance data

Currency Management and Optimization

Learn how to streamline banknote handling and provide the optimal supply of currency to ATMs and bank branch cash points.
  • Prevent out of cash situations in branches, ATMs, and vaults
  • Enhance customer satisfaction from reliably getting money from ATMs
  • Make better forecast accuracy for future currency demand


Sustain strategies and execute across your objectives of minimizing risk and improving opportunities.
  • Tap into data company-wide with analytics, dashboard, and reporting - for easier compliance
  • Decrease energy consumption by consolidating IT assets
  • Reduce e-waste with sustainable sourcing, recycling, and contamination prevention

Your workforce is a valuable asset in this changing market

Your employees are expected to provide ever-higher levels of productivity and results.Whereas only an innovative workforce can achieve that.

WTM ERP's human capital management solutions can help you manage, train, and utilize talent so that they can meet and exceed expectations and help grow your business.
  • Get employed the best talent faster
  • Use powerful HR metrics to appraise workforce performance
  • Leverage your best people when and where you need them by managing your workforce in real time
  • Determine workforce trends at an early stage to predict workforce demands
  • Grant your workforce with easy access to business content, applications, and services

Run efficiency and performance with support from your IT infrastructure

Merge every area of your banking organization for greater control and efficiency. With WTM ERP software solutions, you can adapt to shifting business demands and technology changes without compromising the integrity of your data.
  • Examine operations based on large volumes of detailed information using in-memory computing and business analytics
  • Gain secure access to business processes anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Design, compose, and adapt processes that address your customers' and employees' unique needs
  • Adapt to accelerating change, and manage your IT infrastructure in an integrated manner

Make smart decision making with informed spend analytics

Deliver spend reductions and operational efficiencies while maintaining high standards of performance. Our procurement management applications give you full visibility into expenditures, helping you drive more informed supply decisions and manage risk.
  • Centralize your sourcing and spend management for greater visibility and cost savings
  • Maintain risk and improve supplier engagement with more insight into performance
  • Improve productivity with standardized processes, best practices, and shorter cycle times
  • Automate governance and compliance enforcing contract terms, sustainability requirements, and more
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