Aerospace and Defence Industry - WTM ERP

Create an effective supply chain management and logistics network for aerospace and defense

Give faster response to customer demands by keeping supply chain stake holders connected with our supply chain management software for aerospace and defense. Support collaboration across the entire value chain to optimize SCM and logistics processes. Balance supply and demand, speeding time to market and end-system delivery.
  • Comply with international regulations, such as International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Increase SCM by enabling OEM and supplier collaboration across programs
  • Integrate SCM with logistics to ensure on-time materials delivery
  • Constrain collaborative demand and supply planning to meet program delivery goals

Manage a thriving workforce with our HR software for aerospace and defense

Accumulate your workforce productive and vital with our HR software for aerospace & defense. Manage, train, and utilize talent so that your people can meet and exceed expectations. Optimize HR processes while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance with global and local requirements.
  • Interpret personnel management with automated and integrated HR and payroll processes system
  • Provide insight into workforce performance and close any talent or skill gaps quickly
  • Provide employees personal development plans based on skill mix overviews
  • Measure employee loyalty and develop innovative reward strategies

Drive financial excellence with our financial management software for aerospace and defense

Assure all aspects of your organization's financial health from cash flow management to financial close with our financial management software for aerospace and defense. Effectively manage and align risk and compliance processes with business strategy to address increased globalization and support export-focused operations.
  • Increase revenue with streamlined invoice-to-pay processes
  • Decrease administrative overhead with enhanced accounting and financial close processes
  • Decrease overhead by integrating travel management with finance

Enhance control with information technology management software for aerospace and defense

Combine each aspect of program operations with a fully integrated IT platform. Using an enterprise services(ES)repository to enable integration across the business network, our aerospace and defense IT management software helps you overcome the obstacles to steady operations including energy constraints and unreliable systems.
  • Make better IT portfolio and project management
  • Increase IT testing and operations management
  • Improve IT security and compliance
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